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Hello! I am SHU, a Sauna Spa Health Advisor. Half a year has gone by, and I am hoping to get my Sauna Professional certification this year. The public bathhouse I would like to introduce to you this time is Shintoku Onsen, which boasts of great support from local residents and saunas.

  • Open from early morning to midnight
  • Sento price for this facility!
  • How many kinds of baths are there? With a map of the facilities
  • High-temperature sauna with perfect humidity
  • The deeper the cold water bath, the better!
  • There are carp! Rumored outdoor air bath spot!
  • Soft water is good!
  • Other interesting facilities
  • Eating and drinking corner and relaxing lobby
  • What is a place to live within a 10-second walk from Shitoku Onsen?


・Open from early morning to midnight

Many public bathhouses in town are open in the evening, but this one is open from 6:30 in the morning. I went there at 7:00 a.m., and about 20 people were already enjoying the morning bath and sauna. It is nice to have a public bath where you can refresh yourself before going to work. It is also open at night until AM1:00, so you can relax after work.

・Sento price for this facility!?

Uniform price of 490 yen for Osaka public bathhouse. Cheap! Sauna fee is an additional 200 yen, but we recommend the sauna set for 660 yen, which includes both bathing and sauna for a good price. Save 30 yen compared to the regular price♪ When entering the sauna, you wrap a pink bath towel around you. A pink sauna towel is provided for sauna use only.


・How many kinds of baths are there? With a map of the facilities


・High-temperature sauna with perfect humidity

There are two types of saunas: a steam sauna near the entrance and a regular sauna (humid and not dry) at the far end. The steam sauna is compact, with a capacity of about three people. The regular sauna is spacious enough for about 10 people. It’s a size you don’t see in many public bathhouses in town, and it’s great! The middle aisle has a place to sit between the two. There is a TV at the far end of the sauna room. The temperature rises even more! The thermometer reads about 95 degrees.

・The deeper the cold water bath, the better!

There are two types of water baths. The first is a compact water bath next to the steam bath for one person.
The second is a water bath located next to the regular sauna. This one is deep enough for about three people. The water bath is deep enough for my 173cm height, so it might be about 1 meter deep. When the water bath is deep, you feel as if you jumped into the sea with all your might. It feels so good. And the water is soft, so it feels soft and comfortable.

・There are carp! Rumored outdoor air bath spot!

There are not many places to take an outdoor bath in the town’s public bathhouses, so I often have no choice but to take a break at the fan in the changing room. But here, there is an open-air bath and a cool stone bench in front of the open-air bath! There is room for at least three people to sit on the benches, so aim for the benches at the right time! Also, I couldn’t make it out clearly, but I think there was a large aquarium with carp swimming next to the Japanese garden at the back of the open-air bath. I don’t like this worldliness.

・Soft water is good!

All baths at Shintoku Onsen are soft water. What is the difference between soft water and soft water? You will see the difference when you take a bath! The benefits of soft water are summarized below!

Skin: Moist
Body: Warm and flushed
Hot water … smooth
○Skin feels moist and smooth without feeling tight after washing my face.
○My skin was irritated every winter, but this year, it is not irritated anymore.
○My child’s atopic dermatitis has gradually improved.
○My hair loss has decreased.
○Shaving has become smoother.
○Hair became silky and less damaged.
○Hair is no longer dry and is easier to set.
○The skin of elderly people also became better.
*Effects quoted from the Sintoku Onsen website.


・Other interesting facilities

There are three facilities that were particularly unusual. The first was the cold room in front of the sauna room. The first is a cool room in front of the sauna room, which was cool and air-conditioned. Personally, I wish the air conditioner would work harder. Many people take a shower at the end after getting out of the bathtub, but this body shower is quite nice! There is a 360-degree shower around your body, and you can press a button to wash your body all at once. You don’t even have to move your body to get washed.
The third is the drying room in the changing room. When you enter the room, there are air jets all over the walls, making it quite a different space. Air is sprayed from the jets to blow up your wet body. It makes your body crispy.

・Eating and drinking corner and relaxing lobby

There’s a space in Jintoku where you can relax after your bath! A glass of juice after a refreshing bath is just what you need!
Looks like there’s even a kinky mug of beer for 400 yen! From edamame to udon! What a deal! I can’t stay long!

・What is a place to live within a 10-second walk from Shitoku Onsen?

I think I know why Jintoku Onsen has such tremendous support from locals and sauners alike! If only there was a public bathhouse like this near my house…There is one! In fact, there’s a share house you can live in that’s really just a 10 second walk from Jintoku Onsen! Many saunas and bathhouse lovers live here. Many saunas and bathhouse lovers live in this share house. There are also people like that! Share house KAE OSAKA is just a short walk from Sintoku Onsen.


  • Name:Sintoku Onsen
  • Address:3-6-19 Omiya, Asahi-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka
  • Open time: 6:30-25:00
  • Closed: Open daily, closed for maintenance 4 times a year
Where is your home sauna? I’d love to know in the comments section below.


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