Let me know what share houses you recommend!


I’m thinking of moving into a share house because I want to be independent and want to get away from my parents, but I think I might be lonely living alone!ZEZE, SEN, KAE and HAYA all have so much to offer that I can’t decide where to move in.
Can you help me find a share house that’s perfect for me?



Thank you for your inquiry.

No worries!

There are two ways we can introduce you, so let us know what you want!


|Share houses Tour


I need a tour of all the share houses and an introduction to them all! For those of you who are interested.


TESEN’s share houses are all located in the city of Osaka, so you can visit them in 3 hours.
We will show you the features of each share house while actually looking around, and we will introduce you to a share house that is perfect for you. If you contact us in advance, we can take you to each share house by car, so we recommend that you contact us in advance!

A picture is worth a thousand words, isn’t it?

|Individual Consultation

I’d really like to take you on a tour of all the share houses, but I don’t have the time… Well, here’s something for you!


1. interview by phone (15 to 30 minutes)
We’d love to hear all about what kind of share house you’d like to live in!
2. share house recommendations
After the interview, our staff will introduce you to a share house that is perfect for you.
3. Let’s move in! A look around!
Once you’ve been introduced, once you’ve decided on your favorite share house, be sure to take a look around and experience the atmosphere of the house for yourself!
*You can visit several share houses.


We look forward to your stay!

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