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Can I choose my room by myself?


Do you designate a private room or dormitory to move in? Can I choose it by myself?


I’m Risa who sent the mail for viewing. If there are 2 rooms available for the type of room I want to move in, can I choose my room by myself? Or is it specified?


In the share house I used to live in, i can select the type but the location of the room was not selectable. If possible, I want to choose by myself.



Please check the following as there are differences between private room and dormitory.


  1. Private room
    ⇒ You can choose by yourself.
  2. Dormitory
    ⇒ It may be specified by gender (males and females), upper and lower bunk beds, and availability.


When viewing, you can see all the vacancies you want.

≫  Application for viewing is from “CONTACT


| Why did you choose this room?


Please see the “feeling” when the residents decided the room.

  • Close to the living room
  • Close to the rest room
  • My inspiration
  • Get a lot of sunshine
  • Price of the rent
  • I like a corner room
  • On first floor
  • On second floor


Everyone is different! Please decide in the sense of Risa.


Choosing a room is fun!


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