Amagasaki New Share House ENN HYOGO Openning Event a Big, Big Success!

Hello! This is Shuhei from TESEN. How is everyone doing on this beautiful Sunday? I hope you are enjoying this precious sunny day before the rainy season starts. As I have been telling you for some time, ENN HYOGO, which was completed just 8 minutes from Umeda and right next to Amagasaki Castle, opened on May 25, 2024, after about 3 years of planning.
Please take a look at the photos from such an opening event!

Now way! The cake was a surprise! Let’s all celebrate ENN’s birthday together!” said the owner.

Prospective share mates also attended the event. We hope this event will be a good opportunity for them to move into ENN.

A large, large work table next to the kitchen! A place where everyone can cook together on a hot plate, prepare food, or use it as a middle ground between the kitchen and the living room.

Sushi, Pizza and Yakiniku! A colorful blend of Japanese and Western cuisine! Just like a TESEN share house!



After cleaning up from the opening event, I looked at ENN HYOGO from outside and saw this presence! What a facility!” I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been accosted by people walking by since it was completed. And the Amagasaki Castle next door is also lit up like this! Too bright! Too much white! It is very nice.

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