Do you know what a ridgepole is?


Construction has progressed, and the house is starting to look more and more like a home! Now that we’ve progressed this far, we can get an overall picture of the share house, including the living room, kitchen, hallways, and rooms..!


It took about two and a half months after we started the foundation work to finish the pillars and other foundational structures of the building. The spode feeling is really amazing! Every time I go to the site, I am amazed to see how it is being completed.

Do you know that the “ridgepole raising” takes place after the foundation work is completed?


What is a ridgepole?

In the construction of a house, after the basic structure of the building, such as the pillars, is completed, a timber called munagi, which supports the roof at the top of the house, is attached.

You have to have built your own home before to know about this.

The owner and his wife also came to the building when it was topped off, and they checked the inside of the building~.



Still, it is very powerful when the wood and wood are beautifully combined and lined up in rows and rows! We are now going to start the detailed work such as installing windows and wiring for electricity. We will also be introducing the living room, kitchen, courtyard, and other common spaces, so please look forward to it~!

We may soon be able to introduce you to the living room and kitchen that everyone uses every day! Don’t miss it!

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