The world map has arrived at SEN OSAKA♪


Hello, this is SHU, a TESEN staff member. Here’s a look at what’s been going on at the share house lately~! Now that it’s spring, I’m sure many of you have renewed your spirits and are working towards your goals! In the midst of this, we’ve brought a map of the world to share house SEN OSAKA! “Where are you from? “What countries have you been to? ” “Where are you going next? It’s an everyday conversation for SEN, where about 40 foreigners from over 12 countries have come to visit share house SEN OSAKA so far. The world map is like a global bulletin board, with people putting their own pictures on their hometowns and graduating SEN students writing messages on it!

Actually, this idea was suggested by one of our tenants! Thank you for the wonderful suggestion! A quick commemorative photo in front of the world map. Where do you want to go when you get settled in Covid-19?😄

In fact, don’t you feel that there is something wrong with this world map? The hint is that the spelling of Japan is something different…. Please come and visit SEN to find out the answer.

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