What don’t need in a share house?


Hello, this is Taka, a staff member of TESEN share house.


If you’re planning to move into a share house for the first time, or if you’re comparing share houses and rental properties, this is a must-see.


I’ve compiled a list of things you need and don’t need in a share house, as well as things that are necessary from a TESEN perspective, based on my experience living in a share house!

Here’s my experience of living in a share house. This is an extra edition of “Hello Share House. This is an extra edition of “Hello Share House.


This time, we’re going to talk about things you don’t need.


Then let’s get going!

10 Things You Don’t Need When Moving into a Share House

  • Home Appliances
  • cooking gear
  • washing machine (laundry)
  • fridge
  • TV
  • Lighting
  • air-conditioning
  • curtains
  • furniture
  • Infrastructure procedures (gas, electricity, water, WiFi)


|1. Home Appliances

Most share houses come with frequently used appliances such as rice cookers, microwaves, and ovens! If there are any appliances that you would like to bring into the house, please check with the management company to see if you can.


|2. cooking gear

Cooking utensils are also usually provided in most share houses. If there are cooking utensils you’ve never used before, you can try your hand at cooking something new.


|3. washing machine (laundry)

It’s almost 100% there! I’ve never seen a share house that didn’t have one. I’ve never seen a share house that didn’t have a dryer.


|4. fridge

fridge is also available in most share houses. Some share houses that emphasize privacy also have a refrigerator in the private rooms.


|5. TV

Some share houses have a large TV in the living room! At TESEN share houses, you can watch Netflix on the living room TV.


|6. Lighting

From here, let’s talk about the facilities in private rooms. Unlike rental properties, most of them come with lighting. Bring in your favorite lighting and you’ll have the room of your dreams!


|7. air-conditioning

An air conditioner is an absolute necessity, but for some reason people are reluctant to buy one… If you live in a share house, there are air conditioners provided, so installation work is not necessary and you can reduce your expenses for your new life.


|8. curtains

Depending on the management company, some share houses have curtains, some do not. If you’re considering moving into a share house that doesn’t have curtains, be sure to check the size when you visit! Or ask the management company for the size. They will answer with a smile.


|9. furniture

Many share houses also have tables, chairs, and beds provided. If you wish to bring your own, make sure to check in advance!


|10. Infrastructure procedures (gas, electricity, water, WiFi)

Last but not least, the infrastructure procedures that you can’t miss when moving in… this is also unnecessary in a share house! Infrastructure costs may be fixed as a common service fee, or there may be a meter attached to each private room.


What do you think? Many share houses are also equipped with other things such as clotheslines, dishwashing detergent and sponges, and toilet paper.


A share house has a certain amount of everything you need to live, so you can save money on your new life, and it’s a great place to live alone for the first time ^^.

Best of all, you’ll never be lonely with your share mates!

How was it? In the next article, we’ll look at the last thing you need in a share house from the TESEN perspective! In the next article, I’ll be summarizing items that are useful to have and items that will make your share house more enjoyable. Look forward to it!

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