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Hello, this is TAKA, a staff member of TESEN share house.


If you’re planning to move into a share house for the first time, or if you’re comparing share houses and rental properties, this is a must-see.I’ve compiled a list of what you need and don’t need in a share house, as well as what TESEN considers necessary, based on my experience in share houses!


Here’s my experience of living in a share house. This is an extra edition of “Hello Share House. This is an extra edition of “Hello Share House…


This time, we’d like to introduce you to some of the things you’ll need in a share house that you won’t find on other sites, carefully selected by TESEN staff with experience in share houses.
Here are some of the things that TESEN staff with experience in share houses have carefully selected to make your stay in a share house more enjoyable!


So let’s get started!

【TESEN的】シェアハウスであると便利なもの[TESEN-style] 10 things that are useful to have in a share house


・Sportswear (outdoor wear)
・Playing cards
・Family photo
・Nintendo Switch


|1. Tumbler

Great for parties or just relaxing in your room! When you’re at a party, you’ll know right where your drink is!


|2. Sportswear (outdoor wear)

From yoga and running to mountain climbing! I often do activities with my share mates, so if you have one, you can join in right away.


|3. Laptop

This is a classic. Most share houses come with wifi, so you can telework as soon as you move in!


|4. Speakers

One of the great things about living in a share house is being able to share your favorite music! A chance to discover music you’ve never encountered before.Please use the speakers to enjoy music together ^^ When using the speakers, it’s important to be considerate of your share mates and neighbors…


|5. Playing cards

Common to the world! You may get to know the games around the world! There are a lot of local rules in Daifugo and it’s a lot of fun.


|6. Passport

Show each other our immigration stamps and have a lot of fun talking about our countries. Also, the residents of the share house are all very dynamic, so you may even find yourself traveling abroad with them!


|7. Family photo

There’s a share house! Family stories. If you have a picture of your family like this, you can talk about it a lot! Will you feel less homesick?


|8. Polaroid

It’s good that you can develop the film right away!


|9. Sketchbooks

Whenever someone is drawing a picture, a drawing competition is held. It gets really exciting.


|10. Nintendo Switch

Games transcend language barriers and are a lot of fun! Smash Bros. and Maricar are also very popular in TESEN share houses.



What did you think?


This is just a list of things that would be useful or fun to have, so if you have them at home, please bring them with you to the share house ^^

Hello Share House. Vol. 07 will be about moving in and getting ready for life.

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