The name of the new share house in Amagasaki has been decided~!


Hello! This is Takuya, a TESEN staff member.

We would like to announce the name of the 5th TESEN share house, the Amagasaki share house~!

Here is the name of the share house…

兵庫県尼崎市シェアハウスENN HYOGO

The “ENN” part of “ENN HYOGO”, which became the name of the Amagasaki Share House, comes from “En”.

“En” means that people meet, connect, and expand their relationships with each other.

We cherish the “En” with the people we’ve met along the way to the present day share house project in Amagasaki.


We also hope that the residents who will be living in the share house in the future will continue to develop wonderful “connections” with each other.


What kind of share house do the owner and his wife want to make, what kind of people they want to live there, and what kind of experiences do they want their tenants to have?

The name of the Amagasaki Share House is filled with these thoughts.


Residents from all over the world are connected beyond nationality, age, culture, and other borders.


TESEN will be happy if ENN HYOGO, a share house in Amagasaki, Hyogo Prefecture, becomes a catalyst for “something” for everyone.


Next time, we will finally announce the concept of ENN HYOGO!


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