The living room of ENN HYOGO is open to the public!


Hello! This is Takuya, a TESEN staff member. The construction that started last summer is finally finished, and the share house ENN HYOGO in Amagasaki is now complete~! I’d like to take a quick look at the inside of the building! This time we’ll be taking a look at the LDK, where the most interaction takes place in the share house.

尼崎の新築シェアハウスENN HYOGO
The living room with a vaulted ceiling is open, and the sunlight streaming in through the windows brightly illuminates the inside of the share house. The symbolic tree in the middle of the living room is connected to the earth!

For more information→The symbolic tree of Amagasaki Share House is connected to the earth!

尼崎の新築シェアハウスENN HYOGO
This is what it looks like from the other side. The dining table is over 3 meters long, so everyone can eat together or have a party! Of course, it’s also perfect for studying or teleworking!

尼崎の新築シェアハウスENN HYOGO
It may be fun to find your favorite space to live in!

尼崎の新築シェアハウスENN HYOGO
There is a work table near the dining room where you can make a simple meal or coffee. There are appliances and personal storage shelves around it, so it is Good for easy use!

尼崎の新築シェアハウスENN HYOGO

尼崎の新築シェアハウスENN HYOGO
There are two kitchens. It is surrounded by a raised concrete foundation, which is nicely balanced with the wood! There is also a counter facing the kitchen, so you can cook while conversing! Looks like it’s going to be a lively place for dinner time!

TESEN’s share house places the utmost importance on interaction.
We hope that the residents of ENN HYOGO will interact with each other a lot.

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