The symbolic tree of Amagasaki Share House is connected to the earth!


As mentioned in the last blog, there are many decisions to be made about share housing.

One of the most important things for TESEN is “what kind of share house do you want to make?


What kind of people do we want to live there, what kind of encounters do we want them to have, and what kind of experiences do we want them to have?


During the meetings, the creators of the share house will develop their fantasies and images.


The entranceway could be made more user-friendly. The kitchen work table would be a great opportunity for people to get to know each other. Do you think I would want to live here if I had a space like this in my living room?”


And so on, We all come up with ideas together, without thinking about feasibility. Architect Mr. Nishii will give shape to each of these ideas.


In this issue, I would like to introduce an idea of Nishii’s that surprised all of us during the meeting. It is about “planting”.


We all agreed that we wanted to incorporate greenery into the share house.  When we were thinking about where and how to incorporate greenery


Nishii-sensei made the following suggestion. Why don’t you plant a symbolic tree in the living room?


The living room is the most used shared space in the share house by residents. It is the face of the share house, a symbol of the Amagasaki Share House, and it watches over the residents as they grow.


I was also surprised at the way they planted it. It’s connected to the earth.”

Everyone except the Nishii said, “What? What does that mean?”


It seems that the concrete risers can be used to plant symbolic trees directly in the ground. Furthermore, by planting directly in the ground, it is easier for the roots to take root and for the symbol tree to grow.


A symbolic tree will be planted in the square concrete rise in the foreground. It’s a really great idea, and we’re looking forward to sharing it with the Amagasaki Share House visitors.


Please be sure to come see it when it’s completed! You can also check out the previous Amagasaki Share House blog~!



Decisions are made one by one as the share house is created.

It’s really nice to be able to enjoy the growth process of the symbol tree from the living room!

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