Can I bring my own furniture? ~Furniture Situation in Japanese Share Houses~


“Can I bring in my current desk and chair?


Perhaps it’s because there have been so many people moving from living alone to TESEN share houses recently, but we often receive questions like this.Many share houses are furnished with furniture and appliances, so it can be difficult to decide what to bring with you when you move in.


Bottom line… you can bring it in! *except for the refrigerator (which is not furniture…)

I think most of the other companies’ share houses also allow you to bring in your own furniture.

|What does a share house room come with in terms of furniture?

In the case of TESEN’s share houses, this kind of furniture is provided in the room.

  • Bed
  • Desk
  • Chair
  • Curtains
  • AC


Bed is provided in about 99% of the share houses. Other furniture varies from share house to share house. I heard that some share houses even have refrigerators provided!


The photos and images of the rooms on the website show furniture, but when you actually go to see the rooms, you may not find any. Make sure to ask the management company what is provided in the room. ←This is important!



By the way, this is what the image looks like.(HAYA OSAKA)


|If I bring my own furniture, what happens to the furniture provided?

If you inform the management company in advance of the furniture you don’t need, they will often remove it from the room before your move-in date.
TESEN can also remove the furniture if you let us know the day before you move in.
If you want to use the furniture after it is removed, please tell the staff. We will bring it back to your room within a week. *If you find a table or chair that you like and buy it after you move in, you can still remove it.


What did you think? I’d be happy if this helps you in your share house life ^ ^

If it’s your first time living alone, it’s a good idea to first get used to living alone using the furniture provided, and then buy furniture that fits your lifestyle.

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