Share house ENN is a new night view spot in Amagasaki!


Last month, a new share house ENN HYOGO opened in Amagasaki, but did you know that the night scenery is surprisingly wonderful as well? This time, please take a look at the beautifully lit up nighttime scene~.


-Share House ENN Light up ver.-

The impression of the entranceway is also completely different compared to daytime. The color of the exterior walls seems darker gray at night.

The courtyard is also very beautiful with the outside lights, lights from the rooms and hallways surrounding the courtyard, and lights leaking from the living room reflecting on the windows.

From the second floor, Amagasaki Castle is a doozy! It is a luxury to be able to see this view every day! You can have dinner and drinks while looking at the castle. You can do that at ENN HYOGO!

This is what it looks like from the direction of Amagasaki Castle. the studio apartment next to ENN is also lit up and may become a new night view spot in Amagasaki in the near future. LOL.

Amagasaki Castle is lit up every night, and you can enjoy different colors every time you visit. It was green this day.


I hope everyone can get a little taste of ENN’s nighttime atmosphere. ENN has a different charm both during the day and at night, click here for more details!

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