“Experience Ideal Living in Osaka! Discover the Charm of Our Newly Opened Share House”


Experience Ideal Living in Osaka! Discover the Charm of Our Newly Opened Share House


Are you looking for a newly opened share house in Osaka? In this blog, we will introduce the charm of Osaka and our newly opened share house managed by our company. With excellent transportation access and a well-developed living environment, Osaka is the perfect place to start your new life!

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The Charm of Osaka Amagasaki

Osaka Amagasaki is a vibrant city known for its excellent transportation access to the heart of Kansai, including Osaka and Kobe. The city is convenient for commuting and studying, with abundant commercial facilities and medical institutions, ensuring a comfortable and safe living environment.


・7 minutes direct to Umeda via the Hanshin Main Line

・19 minutes direct to Namba via the Hanshin Namba Line

・23 minutes direct to Kobe Sannomiya via the Hanshin Main Line

・52 minutes to Kansai International Airport via the Airport Limousine Bus


The Appeal of Share Houses

Share houses are not just places to live but communities where you can make new friends. Through interactions in shared spaces, you can experience diverse lifestyles and cultures, making your daily life more enriching.

Introducing Our Newly Opened Share House


Amagasaki Share House ENN


  • Location: 15-88, Kitajonai, Amagasaki
  • Access: 4-minute walk from Hanshin-Amagasaki station

The Unique Charm of a Newly Built Share House

Amagasaki Share House ENN HYOGO offers facilities designed to provide a comfortable living experience unique to newly built properties. The shared kitchen and living space are popular areas for residents to interact. Additionally, each private room is equipped with air conditioning and furniture, ensuring privacy with individual locks.


  • Unique Features of a Newly Built Property:
    • State-of-the-art facilities and design
    • Clean and comfortable living spaces
    • Energy-efficient systems
  • Amenities:
    • Wi-Fi
    • Shared kitchen
    • Laundry facilities
    • Spacious living area
    • Bicycle parking

Resident Testimonials

Resident A shares, “The new building is very clean and comfortable. The shared spaces are spacious, and I enjoy interacting with other residents.” Resident B adds, “The latest facilities make life convenient. The transportation access is excellent, making daily life easy.” The experiences and reviews of people who have lived at TESEN so far are also listed below. Please click on the images with the residents’ photos.


How to Choose a Share House

To find the share house that suits you best, it is essential to visit the property, talk to the residents and the manager. Besides rent, facilities, and location, make sure to check the community atmosphere.


Enjoying Share House Life in Osaka

Osaka offers many attractive spots. From cafes and shopping malls near the station to parks, you can enjoy daily life to the fullest. Participating in local events can make your life even more fulfilling.


Living in a share house in Osaka provides a comfortable environment with the added benefits of a newly built property. Why not start your new life in our company-managed new property? Feel free to contact us for more information!



Click on the photos below to see a blog about the construction of the newly built share house until its completion. You will be surprised at the attention to detail that went into the construction.


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