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Hello! It’s Taka.

How are you preparing for your new life?
At this time of year, there are many choices to be made in preparation for a new life, such as getting new things or decluttering. Life is a series of choices” by Shakespeare.
The TESEN share house is also expecting a new season to begin with new residents moving in one after another.


Let me preface this. Recently, we’ve been getting a lot of questions like this at TESEN Counseling Room.

How do I choose a share house?


In response to these comments, we’d like to introduce how to choose a share house from the perspective of share house management staff.


|By the way, this is what a studio rental looks like.

  • Access from the nearest station
  • Surrounding Environment
  • A well-lit place
  • Separate bath and toilet
  • Kitchen equipment

Other factors include security, number of floors, and age of the building.

For more information, google “how to choose a rental property” and you’ll find a lot of information.

Here’s the deal! Things to check when choosing a share house!


|In the case of shared house


1. Tenant

It’s very important!

ResidentsIn extreme cases, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that the quality of a share house is determined by its residents.

If there are any residents when you visit, ask them about their daily life and their lifestyle.

Everyone will respond with a smile^^


2. House rule

House rules vary by management company.

  • About cleaning
  • Invite a friend
  • When you can use the facilities such as showers (how to use the shared space)
  • You’re on duty to take out the trash?

I recommend you ask all four of the above!

It varies from company to company, so please find a house rule that fits your lifestyle ^^


3. Equipment and furniture

From kitchen appliances and dishes to furniture for your room. Just make sure you know exactly what you have and what you need to bring!

The number and location of electrical outlets in your room is more important than you might think.


4. Expenses when moving out

I’m sure other management companies will be upset with me, but…

Since it’s when you’re considering moving in, it’s easy to forget if there’s an additional cost when you move out!

Once you’ve cooled down, you can check with the management company.

It’s also important to know if you’ll get your deposit back when you move out, and what the penalty will be if you cancel mid-term!


5. Management Company

The management company is also important. We have to do our best…

  • Frequency of staff patrols (how many times a week) or are they stationed there?
  • Is there a separate cleaning staff?
  • How to contact the staff during your stay
  • How to make a contract etc…


How was it?

Other important things to consider are fire insurance and wifi environment since many of you may be teleworking!

In any case, if there’s a share house you’re interested in, please take a look first^^ Seeing is believing!


I hope that everyone can find their ideal share house.

TESEN has opened a “Consultation Room” to answer your various questions about share houses. Of course, questions about share houses other than TESEN are also welcome! Our staff with experience in share houses will respond to each and every one of your questions and concerns ^^ If there’s anything that’s on your mind, please ask!


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