The origin of the share house names【KAE OSAKA ver.】


The foreigner in the share house was…

in short sleeves and short pants today!

I want to be like them…

Today I’d like to introduce the origin of the share house name again!


The third is KAE OSAKA!


TESEN’s only share house for adults ages 25 and up!

There are two origins of KAE OSAKA!



 Means=Get flowers, Make your life a little more colorful.



 Means=Get a real home.


When you started working,
You moved out of your parents’ house and lived by yourself.
The daily commute between home and work.
A little stimulus to such daily life.
Make your life a little more colorful.
You can’t experience living by yourself,
You feel like you are living with your family.
Which you can’t experience living alone.
Please experience such “sensations”!


How about the origin of KAE OSAKA’s name?

Personally, I feel pretty comfortable with it.

I feel like I’m actually seeing it up close and personal,

And it’s exactly as it came from, a share house!

See you in Part 4!

It may be just a small thing, but that little bit of inspiration could change your life!

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