Even at the end of the workday, this smile【Photo of the month】


There’s a summer festival today, so if you can go, let’s go! A message arrived on the share house LINE group. Despite the sudden suggestion, the members of SEN OSAKA, with their light footwork, all went to the summer festival after work.


Even as adults, they never forget their childhood spirit and enjoy summer festivals more than the children around them. I thought it was wonderful to see such an appearance, so I chose this photo as one of this month’s pictures.


As we grow older, we stop participating in the events we used to look forward to as children. But living in a share house, there’s an atmosphere that you can enjoy even more than when you were a child, and you have friends to enjoy it with!

Really light on footwork! Every time, in spite of the sudden proposal, the SEN OSAKA members, who are light on their footwork, all went to a summer festival after work.I knew a share house would be great!

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