Bathroom situation in a share house! So don’t disturb my bath time♪


Hello! This is SHU, the TESEN share house manager. It’s been really hot this year. Is everyone getting sick? Even on such a hot day, I want to soak in the bathtub slowly. I want to sweat it off! So this time, let’s take a look at the share house baths that everyone is anxious to take a look at!


  • 5 Bath Types in a Share House
  • Share House Bath Rules
  • Share House Bath Cleaning
  • Sento (public bath) might be good
  • Sento (public bath) that can be reached from the share house


|5 Bath Types in a Share House

Let’s quickly explain the bath situation in a share house… The major point to consider is the type of bath. There are five main types.


1.There is a shared bathtub.


There are many types of shared houses with a relatively small number of people in a single house that have a household bathtub. There are usually 7~8 people sharing one bathtub.


2.There is a shared bathtub and shower room.


This type with a bathtub and two shower rooms is also common in small family share houses. It is recommended as it can satisfy the needs of both those who want to take a bath and those who just want to take a shower as quickly as possible.


3.Only shower rooms are available.


Share houses with only shower rooms are often equipped with a certain number of shower rooms. So, relatively speaking, shower rooms are popular among foreigners who do not have a culture of soaking in shower rooms rather than baths.


4.You have your own bath in your room.


This is a pattern that many condominium-type share houses have a bath attached to the individual rooms. The fact that you have to clean it yourself may be a bit of a bottleneck.


5.There is a large public bath.


Some share houses have a large bathroom in the basement. This type of share house is often found in very large share houses (50~100 people).


|Bathroom rules and cleaning

Come on. Have you got an idea of the type of bath in a share house? Next, let’s take a look at the rules for the bath. Many share houses allow you to write the time you leave the bath on the shower room door. Especially between 20:00~22:00 after work and 7:00~8:00 before work, it will be crowded, so please use it by giving it over to each other. Do not leave shampoo, conditioner, towels, etc. in the bathtub. Drain the bathtub after use. Rules should be established regarding the amount of time per use and when the bathtub can be used. Even in share houses with cleaning staff, it is not possible to clean the bathtub every time someone takes a bath, so please be considerate.



|Sento (public bath) might be good

Make sure to check if there’s a public bath near the share house! After all, it’s best to go to a public bathhouse with all of your share mates. So below is a list of public bathhouses that are within easy reach of the TESEN share house!



|Sento (public bath) that can be reached from the share house


SENTO that can be reached from Share House KAE OSAKA

Just a 10 second walk! You can go right to that very popular public bath! Located right behind Share House KAE OSAKA.

  • New-Miyoshi-yu

7 minute walk. A bathhouse loved by the locals. It is quite empty and you can relax.


SENTO bathhouse that can be reached from Share House SEN OSAKA

  • Irihune Onsen

7 minutes by bicycle. If you get to know the man at the guard station, it might be a good thing…

  • Komagawa Onsen

8 minutes on foot. Come and enjoy the time slip sauna where Enka (traditional Japanese folk songs) are played in the sauna!


SENTO bathhouse that can be reached from Share House ZEZE OSAKA

  • Pearl Shin Onsen

5 minutes by bicycle. THE traditional public bathhouse. If you drink coffee milk, the wind of Showa era will blow.

  • Tsurumi-ryokuchi Yumoto Suishun

12 minutes by bicycle. There are manga, bedrock bath, and open-air bath. A super public bathhouse, where you can spend a whole day relaxing.


SENTO bathhouse that can be reached from Share House HAYA OSAKA

  • Heiwa-yu

8 minute walk. A hole in the ground with few people! Rumor is that the open-air bath is surprisingly good.

  • Sakaw-yu

5 minutes by bicycle. After taking a bath, there is a space for relaxing in front of the guardhouse.

  • Fukutoku-Onsen

12 minutes by bicycle. This is a well-known place that sauna lovers must know. Deep, wide, and cold water bath is also good.





Yes, I do. If I can go to a public bath, take a sauna, and eat a good meal, then my life is happy.

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