The former residents who went back to Portugal sent us a photo.


Pedro from Portugal who has returned to his home country after living in Japan, sent us these photos. I’m sure there are some share house residents who were wondering what kind of life he’s leading after returning to Portugal, so I’ll share them with you.

This picture is of a potter! Pedro went to a pottery class when he came to Japan, and it looks like he’s been going to classes even after he came back to Portugal! The plates he made in Japan are still lined up in the cupboard of the share house. I’m sure some of the residents are using them without even knowing it!


Pictures of Christmas food!!! Cake, cheese and pasta. So many homemade dishes! Did Pedro cook these?

That picture taken from the window of the house is almost entirely filled with trees from the garden! You can see how much Pedro loves nature (^^).


It’s so nice to know that even back home, he’s still contacting us to reminisce about life in Japan, in Osaka, and at the share house! We’ll continue to support residence so that your life in the share house will be an “irreplaceable time” for each and every resident! Thank you for sending us these pictures.

I miss seeing you working on translations in the living room of our share house! Please drop by the share house when you come to Japan~(^^)

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