The management staff talks about the disadvantages of share houses.

This is SHU, a staff member at a share house in Osaka. Are you wondering whether or not to live in a share house? You may feel uneasy about living with a large number of people, or you may be worried about getting used to a new environment. I’m sure there are many things that make you uneasy. I understand. It can be nerve-wracking. There are many websites on the net that list the advantages and disadvantages of living in a share house. I spent days reading through them all. However, the conclusion is the same on all of the sites, they all list several advantages and disadvantages, compare the advantages and disadvantages, and then try to find the share house that suits you best. And that’s the conclusion. Oh, so it’s up to you after all… You may be thinking, “Well, it’s up to me after all…”, right? But, but! I’d like to give a shout out to such a bland summary site! If you’ve shown even the slightest interest in share housing! I want to take that small but surely big step, and with all my might, push you back and up! So, I’ve included my personal opinions on the possible disadvantages of share housing.


  • Someone messed up without your permission? I didn’t realize it was private.
  • Um… Can I watch this now that Kimutaku is starting?
  • I want a bite before the food beam gets me.
  • Does it interfere with your work?
  • Um… I’m going to get fat.
  • Residents’ Review

|Someone messed up without your permission? I didn’t realize it was private.

I want some alone time! Yes, there is, you can make it, your own special time. In a share house, you will generally have a private room with a key. You can’t have someone just barge in without your permission! That’s just too scary! No one will disturb your privacy. You can arrange your room as you like and make it your own! But what about the shower room and toilet? Of course, they are equipped with locks. Since it’s a share house, there is no one too crazy to take a shower with you! There is no one who is too crazy to take a shower together in a shared house. If they do, it’s time to call the police. Call 911 immediately without hesitation.


Um… Can I watch this now that Kimutaku is starting?

A big TV in the living room. Someone is watching a movie all morning long. But the drama starring Kim Tak, which I watch every week without fail, is about to start. I really want to watch it, but it’s a little hard to say so… In that case, let’s go out on a limb and tell them! “Do you want to watch KimTaku with me?” Netflix, TVer, abema, TV and movies are now available everywhere. But why do we still watch TV in the living room? They want to watch with someone! Give them a shout out! Let’s watch it together, get excited, watch KimTaku on the big screen! Dinner and movies are still better with someone than alone.


|I want a bite before the food beam gets me.

I can assure you that your cooking skills will be at a professional level in the blink of an eye once you move into a share house. I have seen many times people who have never even held a frying pan before make Tenshindon rice with water-soluble potato starch to make the sauce for Tenshindon rice like a king. Even the real Chinese nation was amazed. Food goes a million miles! But the better you get at cooking, the more people around you start to beam at you, saying, “I’d like to have a bite of that. “Oh, it looks so good! They know that if you say these words, they will eat your cooking. Be careful! Sometimes, while the staff is cleaning, you may let out a “Yum! but please do not be surprised if they say it from the bottom of their hearts with a pure heart.


|Does it interfere with your work?

The biggest disadvantage of living in a share house is that you talk too much with your share mates and lose sleep, which interferes with your work. Yes. There will be days of trials and tribulations when your eyelids don’t do what you say. Yes. THE share house. Living under one big roof, we talk about many things. Whether it’s things you can’t talk about with your family, at work, or in your private life, there’s always someone you can talk to. We eat chips on the sofa. You will have friends who are like family that you will want to call if you need anything. It’s tough. The friends you make as an adult are interesting. It is just fun to have friends that you are comfortable with after you have developed your own values, standards, and axes to grind.


|Um… I’m going to get fat.

This is a statement that is against all dieters. Yes, I know. In other words. It’s called “Happiness Fatness. One of my share mates brought back a souvenir from her trip to Shiga, a baumkuchen, and left it in the living room. →I’m going to eat it. One of my share mates is in trouble in the kitchen, staring at her overcooked meat and potatoes. →I eat it. The takoyaki from yesterday’s takoyaki party are unbelievably leftover and won’t fit in the fridge. →The cold takoyaki is also delicious. Yes, that’s right. I am happy and fat in the name of helping others.


|Residents’ Review

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What did you think? The disadvantages and advantages of a share house are two sides of the same coin. Also, what kind of troubles are there in a share house? If you’re interested, be sure to check out this article on how to deal with such troubles – Management staff talk about problems and countermeasures in share houses.

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