Management staff talk about problems and countermeasures in share houses.


Hello, this is SHU, a staff member who manages a share house in Osaka City. When researching about share houses, articles with titles like these appear in the search results. Disadvantages of living in a share house”, “Problems with share houses”, and finally “Don’t share houses”. I see, I see. However, when it comes time to move into a share house! But now that you’ve moved into a share house, you’re probably wondering if there are actually any problems! Let’s take a look at some of the problems that can occur in a share house and what you can do about them.



|Oh, my, my, my pudding.

It’s been another busy week of work and love. One thing I look forward to is the pudding I eat on Fridays. After finishing work, I rushed home, took a shower, felt refreshed, and opened the refrigerator. The pudding that I had put on the second shelf from the top was not there…. Oh, it’s not in the third shelf, either. Freezer? There’s no way! Oh, no. I’m missing my fun. They say the fish you miss is big, but the pudding you get is delicious.


counter-measure:Write your name on your pudding! In TESEN share houses, we clean the refrigerator once a month. If you have any expired items or items belonging to people who have moved out, we will clean them out for you.


|I wasn’t born to wash dishes.

It’s a late Sunday. I decided to cook something out of the ordinary, so I went to the kitchen. Today was the day I was going to finish my pork ginger yaki. I put some oil in the pan, grilled the pork, added some ginger, and voila! I couldn’t find a plate to serve it on, but I could find one in the sink. It’s in the sink. I was a little lax in my final touches. I couldn’t finish it today either. I’m going to wash someone else’s dishes again today. My back is starting to resemble my mother’s.


counter-measure:Clean up right after you cook! Now, not later. I promise to do so. And let’s make sure everyone knows it! And when viewing the house, be sure to check out the sink and the house rules! You’ll be able to see what the residents of the share house are thinking.


|Neighbor Lin Lin

A five-minute snooze alarm wakes me up from the next room. I really want to hate the person who made the snooze function. Falling asleep twice until the next snooze is pleasant, but after the third snooze, the alarm is no longer meaningful, so I can’t allow it. Lover time on the phone in the middle of the night. I hear my boyfriend or girlfriend’s voice, and it embarrasses me. It is an embarrassing loss.


counter-measure:Share houses are communal living. There are certainly differences in values, culture, and upbringing. Of course, there are standards that you can forgive and standards that the other person can forgive. In such cases, let’s have a dialogue first! I don’t like this part, I want you to fix this part. Communicate your feelings directly. Many of the people who live in share houses place importance on communication. If someone gets upset because they’ve been told something, or if you can’t discuss things properly, you may want to ask the management company to intervene.


|What is forgotten

It’s a beautiful day, laundry day! I decided to use the washing machine, and when I opened the lid, someone else’s laundry was quietly sitting there. I want to move it, but I don’t know if I should touch someone else’s clothes or not… I look around, but there is no sign of anyone coming to get it. My eyes meet with a familiar t-shirt character in the washing machine. Strange character. That’s her clothes. By the way, she said she was going on a trip. It looks like she’s not coming back today.


counter-measure : There is a limited number of washing machines. For everyone’s sake, let’s keep track of when the washing machines are finished. And if it’s not working, let’s ask everyone once. Many properties have a line group within the share house, so it’s incredibly convenient for communication. Also, there are share houses with laundry boxes where you can temporarily evacuate your laundry. Be sure to check this out when viewing the house.


|unlawful occupation

Let’s relax on the sofa. I went to the living room in a good mood, but it was kind of cramped. There were suitcases outside the room, objects on the floor, and objects on the floor. I felt like I was squatting in the common area. I want to put this, I want to put that. I want to put this, I want to put that, she’s putting that, I want to put that! The common area is a place for everyone. Turn your private room into Setagaya Base!


counter-measure : Be sure to bring back to your room any things you bring to the common area. If they don’t move it even after repeated warnings, go to the management company or mercantile. You should also check when you preview the room~. Things that are used by everyone, or that are useful, could be put there with the opinion of all the tenants, and with the permission of the management company!

What did you think? Is this the kind of trouble that can happen in a share house? Or did it seem to be harder than you thought? But above all, go see the share house and confirm with your own eyes. And if you can reconfirm your values and non-negotiables, I’m sure there will be less of a gap after you move in.

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