Glad I experienced a share house in my 20’s.

Hello! This is staff member TAKA, who will finally join the ranks of “ARAFOR” (35 years old) next year.
To all of you “arafos” out there, please accept my best regards!
This time, since TAKUYA wrote a blog post for those in their 30s, I will write a post for all of you in your 20s ^ ^.
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blog:Reasons for moving into a share house in their 30s are similar!


I’m about to enter my 40s, but when I was in my 20s, I lived in a share house for about 3 years. So I’ve compiled a list of the good things and benefits of experiencing a share house in your 20’s, so if you’re considering moving into a share house, please take a look!

Must be in your 20s!


  • Meet people from all walks of life.

  • Learn about a world you don’t know

  • Find new hobbies

  • Help you choose a job!?

  • Have fun and keep your cost of living low.

  • Find one of your favorite food!?

|Meet people from all walks of life

Are you also considering moving into a share house for this reason?
There really are a variety of people living in share houses. Of course, there are also many different nationalities. Many of the residents in share houses are looking for “human interaction” and are very sociable, so you’ll be able to fit in right away after moving in. I also have irreplaceable friends I met while living in a share house that I still go out for drinks with often, and I think the greatest benefit of living in a share house is that you can meet friends you can hit it off with even after you’re in your 20s, and meeting friends you wouldn’t have met without living in a share house is probably the biggest reason I’m glad I had the experience. I think this may be the biggest reason why I’m so glad I had the experience of living in a share house.

|Learn about a world you don’t know

A share house is a space filled with diversity. You will have the unique experience of living together with people from completely different backgrounds. Sometimes coming into contact with so many different cultures and values that it can be a culture shock, and your own perspective (sense of values) can change in a positive way.


It also fosters the ability to accept others!?


|Find new hobbies

Often, when you are thinking about starting a new hobby, you may find that it is a hobby of one of your share mates, or you may even start a hobby together with your share mates. Many share house residents have many hobbies, so when you move into a share house, ask your share mates what their hobbies are! I followed my sharemate’s hobby of camping, and I was hooked, and camping is still my hobby.


Share houses are a great chance to meet new hobbies!~


|Help you choose a job!?

There is a wide variety of workplaces at share houses. If you’re a job hunter or thinking about changing jobs, grab a share housemate who works in a job you’re interested in and ask them all about it. You’ll be able to hear stories about the backstage of the job that only those who actually work there know, which can be very helpful when looking for a new job or changing careers.


You may find your vocation!?


|Have fun and keep your cost of living low

Next, let’s talk about real or household finances. Common service fees (wifi, electricity, gas, and water) are fixed in a share house. In many cases, the property management fee is also included in the common service fee, so it’s a great advantage to keep fixed costs down. (Recently, electricity and other bills have been markedly increasing in price…)


The great thing about living in a share house is that you can save money on food while having fun, whether you buy seasonings together and share them or cook together! You can even share your cooking with others if you cook too much!


It’s not enough to just receive, sometimes you have to share your specialties with your share mates◎


And you, the drinker, don’t have to go out for a drink, you can always have a drinking party with your like-minded friends under the same roof at any time◎


|Find one of your favorite food!?

Suan La Tang is so good…
Also, talking about food, residents from overseas often serve us their native dishes. You may even find your favorite dish! In my case, the hot and sour soup my Taiwanese friend made was so delicious that I often asked her to make it for me ^ ^


How was it? There are other experiences that I’ve had living in a share house that I’m glad I did, but this is a long story so I’ll leave it at that. If you’d like to hear more, please feel free to ask me when you come to a viewing.



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