Let’s go! Adult Runaway. ~A strategy meeting that begins at a secret base~


Since the first time I saw ZEZE OSAKA

It’s like a secret base.

Cool exterior, intricate staircase, vaulted mezzanine. Rooftop with a view of the sky.

I think we made a secret base on the way home from elementary school.

A special place that only we knew about.

That slightly exciting, slightly bad feeling.


You became an adult in your 20s and 30s without knowing when you became an adult.

Now is the time to be an adult and run away from home.

Of course, it’s not about running away from something.

It’s the time to grab something new.

But that’s not the coolest way to run away from home.

Run away from home to take a stroll.

After you run away from home.

A strategy meeting for life in a secret base.

How will we live from now on?

Where are we going to live?

I could go on and on asking myself that question.

Maybe your share mates have the answer.

Such an exciting property.

I like ZEZE quite a bit.

Each room has a different color ceiling.
Please choose one when you preview the room.

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