【Breaking News】Only one private men’s room left at Share House SEN OSAKA.

Hello, this is SHU, a TESEN staff member, and we are running out of private rooms left at SEN OSAKA!
Recently, we’ve had an American🇺🇸, a German🇩🇪, a Hong Konger🇭🇰, a Filipino🇵🇭, and a Frenchman🇫🇷 move in, and the SEN OSAKA is getting crowded!

The eyes of everyone making takoyaki are quite serious😋, and takoyaki made by share mate tastes the best!


Is this a three-part hair dresser class? Every time I go to the living room, something is going on😂


そAnd I want to tell you out loud, once you move in, you will absolutely fit in right away! Everyone really seems to be having fun every day✨!


Our usual spot at SEN for a group photo sitting at the counter! Really nice photo!☺️


#1 private room for men left.
#2 private rooms for women left.

If you are interested, please hurry and contact us on LINE or by form

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