Staff TAKUYA’s share house experience Vol.9


I was able to learn everyone’s names and was enjoying the share house life. Time flies when you’re having fun, right? In December, Australian guy was leading the preparations for the Christmas party at the share house. After all, the enthusiasm of foreigners for Christmas is unbelievable. Even though it was only the beginning of December, he was even scheduling for the party.


The Christmas party was held on the 24th according to the survey results. The Christmas mood was lifted when we put up the Christmas tree in the living room and decorated it together. The party, which we thought was still a long way off, arrived in a flash, and there were many presents under the tree that everyone had prepared. At the time, there were about 30 residents, so there was no scaffolding around the tree.


One by one, dishes from all over the world were laid out on the table for the start. I remember that everyone was constantly tasting the food. The party started, the gift exchange got excited and it turned out to be the most fun Christmas ever!


The end of the party, Australian guy said to me, “I’ve eaten a lot today, I’m going to the gym tomorrow! Good night!” He said that and fell asleep. What? 。。。。 Is it compulsory?


The next day, December 25th, It was just me and him at the gym. What the hell are we doing for Christmas? I asked him. He said, “Muscles don’t have weekdays or holidays, and Christmas doesn’t matter!” Ah, yes… LOL. This is also a good experience. There really is a lot of stimulation in a share house ^^


To be continued

This was the first time in my life that I experienced such a large scale Christmas party! I will never forget the gym I went to on December 25th (^^)

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