Redefining living with a “separation of food, sleep and work


I read the article “W PROJECT”: Living Space with “Separation of Food, Sleep and Work” to Redefine Living – Designer Yasuki Yamashita’s Concept of “Separation of Food, Sleep and Work” and New Project. As I read through the article, I felt a lot of sympathy and impressions, and I hope that everyone who visits the TESEN website will read it as well. The article redefines “living” in the near future.デザイナー・山下泰樹が提唱する「食寝働分離」の考え方と新プロジェクト


So, what is redefining living? I wonder how many of you feel uncomfortable with your current lifestyle. Or maybe they are living a comfortable life without realizing that they are uncomfortable. Also, the wall of common sense that prevails in modern life is so complete that we may not know how to break it down individually, or we may have no way to do so. What I do think is that there are far fewer options for living in the modern world. Living space is the top priority for improving our lives. When it comes to choosing a space to live in, each of us must have an ideal image of what we want, but it is far from being realized. Sometimes we hear people say that choosing a room is a compromise.

新築シェアハウス第4弾 HAYA OSAKA~図面の作り方~

I’m currently working on a share house in Osaka. Yasuki Yamashita’s article on the concept of separating food, sleep, and work brought to mind the residents of the share house I’m involved with on a daily basis. In the private areas, the main focus is on sleeping, while enjoying meals with friends in the shared dining area, and immersing themselves in work or reading in the library space or workspace in the shared areas. I felt that the way of life of the younger generation that will be living in the future is already practicing the separation of eating, sleeping, and working, or finding an environment where they can implement it, and being able to put themselves in that environment.


I think that TESEN’s desire to provide living spaces that enrich the lives of Japanese people is in line with my own. However, I felt that there was one point that was a little off. As mentioned in the article, by dividing the space according to the three pillars of life (eating, sleeping, and working) and making it function efficiently, it is possible to invite friends you used to meet outside to your home, or to directly access foreign countries without leaving your home. The living space becomes a space that embodies one’s own way of life, and in the midst of a fulfilling life, one’s individuality will be revealed in a way that one has never noticed before.

新築シェアハウス第4弾 HAYA OSAKA~図面の作り方~

I think this is the kind of living space that separates food, sleep, and work in daily life, but I don’t think the people I meet on a regular basis would reveal their individuality that I hadn’t noticed. However, I don’t think that the people I meet on a regular basis will reveal my personality that I didn’t realize. Rather, I felt that meeting people I don’t normally get involved with and belonging to a community will lead to unexpected discoveries. I think that the friends you meet on a regular basis and the interactions you have by accessing foreign countries on your own initiative can only create a world from your perspective, or in other words, from your own convenience. Through living with people of different nationalities, occupations, genders, ages, and from a world completely different from your own, you will discover a part of yourself that you didn’t know existed, and become a unique individual. Once again, I thought that this is the kind of SHARE HOUSE we are aiming for at TESEN.


For those who live alone, a rich and high quality living space needs to become an option for many people. If there is a new fusion between SHARE HOUSE, which emphasizes communication and communal living, and the living space for single people, it will make life even more comfortable. We live in a time when we don’t know the names or faces of our neighbors. The title of this article is “Redefining Living,” and it refers to the old days when people had strong ties with each other, and the modern days when people no longer feel the warmth of each other, but the hardware of the house is more advanced. In the future, I believe that a hybrid lifestyle that combines the best parts of the two eras will become the standard.


I would love to learn more about the way of life in the Edo period.





What will the future of share houses look like? I hope it’s a future where you can live a life that suits your ideals♪

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