Where are the most popular rooms in a share house?


Hello! This is TAKUYA, a staff member of TESEN. Do you have any particular preferences when deciding on a room to move in? There are many different types of rooms in share houses, and each tenant has their own preference, so I’d like to introduce you to some of the most popular rooms in share houses!


|First floor is better than Second floor!?

When renting a room, if you have a choice between the first and second floor, I’m sure most people would choose the second floor, but at TESEN share houses, rooms on the first floor are also popular! The reason for this is that they’re close to the living room, kitchen, and entrance, and some people say it’s a hassle to climb up and down the stairs from the 2nd or 3rd floor. There are even some people who have chosen rooms right in front of the washroom so that they can go to the washroom as soon as they wake up because they’re not very good in the morning!


|Sunlight is low on the priority list!

The reason why they don’t care much about the sunlight is because they don’t spend much time in their rooms. So they say, In a share house with a large shared space, it seems that they spend more time in the living room than in their rooms. Some people say the only time they spend in their rooms is when they go to bed. The rent also changes a little depending on the amount of sunlight, so even rooms with little sunlight are popular in share houses!


|Dormitory (shared room)

Dorms are also very popular in share houses! There are many people who want to make friends and communicate with others, and since you’ll often be sharing a room with foreigners, it’s also popular with people who want to experience English and people who like foreign culture! Having someone to ask about what’s going on with you today, your work, or your love life, is probably one of the biggest draws of dormitory life!



What did you think? Surprisingly, rooms that would be avoided in a normal apartment or condominium are popular in a share house! We hope this helps you choose the right room for you!

When you go viewing a share house and there are so many different types of rooms, it’s hard to decide which one to choose. I’d be happy to help those people choose a room! When you visit the share house, ask the staff what they think! You might find something you don’t expect!

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