Who cleans a share house?


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Before moving in a share house, there are many things you want to make sure of and questions you have. In this article, I’ll be explaining the cleaning situation that we get a lot question in a share house!



1.Who cleans a share house?

2.Does it cost cleaning fee?

3.Daily necessities

4.Cleaning could be an event



|1.Who cleans a share house?

To begin with, a share house is divided into rooms (private space) and living room and kitchen (shared space). The rooms are taken care of by the residents, but who cleans the kitchen and living room? As it turns out, it’s resident or the management company! It depends on the share house so you’ll need to check.


ResidentEither the person who notices will do it, or we will set up a cleaning day on a rotating basis


Management companyOutsourced to a professional company or performed by our staff on a regular basis


If someone notices and does the cleaning, 99% of the time there will be trouble. Everyone has a different sense of what is clean and dirty, and everyone wants someone else to do it for them. This is often the case.


If you are on duty, there will be no problem as long as everyone follows the rules. However, if you’re on duty, you’ll have to use your own time to clean the share house. On your precious days off, you want to do what you want, don’t you?


If the management company does the cleaning, it will either be outsourced to a professional cleaning company or the staff of the management company will clean the house on a regular basis. Regular cleaning will keep the share house clean, and you don’t have to devote your own time to cleaning. And above all, it is the easiest.


The management staff of TESEN share houses are responsible for cleaning each property. All staff members are from the guesthouse Mitsuwaya . Also, during the cleaning process, we ask the residents to let us know if there’s anything they’d like to see cleaned up!



|2.Does it cost cleaning fee?

The next thing you have to worry about is the cost. If the Resident does the cleaning, you know it won’t cost you anything. So what about when the management company does the cleaning?

The answer is…

Cleaning fee are included in the common service fee, so there’s no extra charge!

*Basically, it is included in the common service fee, but it varies depending on each share house.


The common service fee may be cheaper or more expensive depending on whether the staff of the management company does the cleaning or the management company outsources it to a cleaning company. So make sure you know what’s included in the common service fee!



|3.Daily necessities

When it comes to cleaning, it’s the necessities that you have to worry about! The monthly cost of daily necessities can be quite expensive. Don’t worry, most share houses will provide you with toilet paper, detergent, and other daily necessities from the management company. If you run out of stock, just let the management company know!



|4.Cleaning could be an event

TESEN share houses have staff cleaning each property. In addition to daily cleaning, we also do large scale cleaning on a regular basis. Some of the residents are more enthusiastic than the staff about participating. There are times when we find that we have so many people participating that it has become like an event! It’s a lot of fun when everyone gets together and it’s over soon!




I’ve explained the cleaning situation in share houses.

“Who does the cleaning? There are two patterns as follows.


ResidentEither the person who notices will do it, or we will set up a cleaning day on a rotating basis


Management companyOutsourced to a professional company or performed by our staff on a regular basis


I recommend a management company. It’s easy because you don’t have to worry about the cleaning. Be sure to check the cleaning rules before you move in. If there are tenants when you visit the place, it might be a good idea to ask them about the actual cleaning situation!


If you’re new to share house, I’m sure there are many other things you don’t know.

I hope you’ll take a look here too!

Can you bring in your own furniture?


I hope you all have a wonderful share house life~!

Lived in share houses in Japan and abroad, from my perspective, having the management company do the cleaning was the easiest! I’m sure there are a lot of things you don’t understand before living in a share house, so I’m happy if this article can help you choose a share house.

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