Received a message from a former tenant who went back to France.


I just got a message from Marc, who moved out of SEN OSAKA and went back to France! He asked me,”How are you doing?” That’s my line! Here are the photos that were sent with the message.

SEN OSAKA入居者さんの地元ニースの様子

French wine and cheese. He has been looking forward to it since he was in Japan. It seems to be completely different from what we have in Japan. I guess it’s the same as what Japanese people think about sushi when they go abroad.


He is enjoying his first visit to France in a year and a half, and sent me some photos of his hometown.

SEN OSAKA入居者さんの地元ニースの様子

SEN OSAKA入居者さんの地元ニースの様子

SEN OSAKA入居者さんの地元ニースの様子

Beautiful ocean and nature! Growing up in an environment like this must have made you such a gentle person! When Marc contacted me this time, I felt that even after moving out of the share house, we’ll still be able to keep in touch, and that’s one of the great things about living in a share house. I’ll definitely come see you when I go to Europe! Thank you for showing me around ^^

As you grow older, you’ll meet fewer people, but in a share house, you might meet more than when you were a child! I hope you all have wonderful encounter where you can continue your relationships ^^

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