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Hello, It’s TAKA, a staff member of TESEN share house.

I know this is sudden, but have you ever heard of co-living?


What is Co-living (Co-living)?
Co-Living is an integrated facility where multiple people live together like a share house, and where people working in various professions can spend time working together like a co-working space.


Co-Living has been popping up overseas since the late 2010s, and it’s popular in places like New York and London!
New York is trying to set a trend again. New York is trying to set a trend again, as expected of a trend-setting city.


Now that remote work is on the rise due to COVID-19, Co-Living is getting a lot of attention in the share house and real estate industries.By the way, this is what co-living looks like in New York.


That’s New York! These are all very stylish places to live. If I were living in New York, I’d want to live there…

If you’re looking for a place to live in New York, you’ll want to check out TESEN’s share houses. In fact, isn’t a share house co-living? So let’s take a look at the co-living elements of four TESEN share houses!



The most popular workspace among the residents is the library space in the atrium. ZEZE OSAKA also has a rooftop area, so if the weather is nice, you can work on the roof for a change.



SEN OSAKA is popular with people from overseas, and tenants from overseas can chat with their share mates while working at the dining table. The counter is a great place to focus when you want to concentrate. Of course, there are electrical outlets on the counter! The film director who has appeared on the TESEN blog several times said that the counter was his favorite place.



There are many residents who work remotely (teleworkers) in this share house, and we recommend the 7 meter long counter table. The counter table is over 7 meters long, and if you work while chatting with others, you may come up with new ideas. It’s also great to work while relaxing on the sofa. If you want to have an online meeting, you can do it in your room.



HAYA OSAKA is a share house with the largest number of remote workers (teleworkers) of any TESEN share house. There are four different living rooms. When you want to be alone, head upstairs to the library space. If you’re feeling unmotivated, you can sit on the sofa. If you’re looking for a great backdrop for an online meeting, you can even use the terrace! Incidentally, the dining room table is the most popular workspace among the tenants.


How was it?


With a wide variety of people living in share houses and co-living houses, you’ll be able to learn about many different values and cultures, which may expand your work ideas and perspective.


The difference between a share house and co-living is in the balance between work and life.

Share house is LIFE>WORK, Co-Living is WORK>LIFE.

By the way, the “Co” in “Co-living” and “Co-Working” means “community”. Co-living can be directly translated as “living together”… What is a share house like?

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