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Hello, It’s TAKA, a staff member of TESEN share house.

I know this is sudden, but have you ever heard of co-living?


What is Co-living (Co-living)?
Co-Living is an integrated facility where multiple people live together like a share house, and where people working in various professions can spend time working together like a co-working space.


Co-Living has been popping up overseas since the late 2010s, and it’s popular in places like New York and London!
New York is trying to set a trend again. New York is trying to set a trend again, as expected of a trend-setting city.


Now that remote work is on the rise due to COVID-19, Co-Living is getting a lot of attention in the share house and real estate industries.By the way, this is what co-living looks like in New York.


That’s New York! They are all stylish properties. If I were to live in New York, I would want to live…The number of freelancers is expected to increase, and the demand for co-living rooms is expected to rise, so be sure to keep an eye out for them!


Isn’t there a co-living element in TESEN’s share houses? Rather, share houses are co-living, aren’t they? So here is a summary of the co-living elements of TESEN’s four share houses, if you’d like to take a look.

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The difference between a share house and co-living is in the balance between work and life.

Share house is LIFE>WORK, Co-Living is WORK>LIFE.

By the way, the “Co” in “Co-living” and “Co-Working” means “community”. Co-living can be directly translated as “living together”… What is a share house like?

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