Staff TAKUYA’s share house experience Vol.8


I had experience living in a share house overseas, so I was able to get used to living in a share house within a week of moving in. The people who lived there were all very kind and it was very easy to get used to. Of course, I had to communicate with the foreign residents in English. I had never used English in Japan before, so it was a strange feeling at first.


Since I moved in, the share house has been in a rush to get new residents, and I think there were 5 or 6 new residents in a month. At that time, a welcome party was held. The welcome party was of course the “Takoyaki Party. It’s everyone’s favorite.


When I think about it, I’ve had a few Takoyaki Party in the past, but each time I had a friend make them for me. So this may have been my first time making takoyaki. It’s a secret that I was secretly enjoying myself more than the foreign residents while they were happily making takoyaki.


The parties, which are one of the best parts of a share house, are not only fun, but also allow for deep conversations about life and dreams for the future that you wouldn’t normally have in everyday conversation. When I heard that residents wanted to be a film director or a CA, I might have pestered them with questions. I’ve only just started living here, but I was really looking forward to meeting new people.


To be continued

Share houses hold parties at all sorts of times! Events such as welcome parties, farewell parties, birthday parties etc. The types and frequency of events vary depending on the share house and the residents living there at the time! Ask about the party when you go a viewing, and you’ll get a feel for the share house!

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