Can really work remotely in shared house?


Hello! I am TAKA, a staff member of TESEN, a newly built share house in Osaka.

With the Corona disaster and changes in work styles, remote work (telecommuting) is on the rise, and share houses are also attracting attention or not!

So, this time, we would like to…


「Can really work remotely in a shared house?”」


In conclusion…




In fact, there are more residents who work remotely than we had expected.

“I want to work in an open space” “I want to connect with people from various occupations” “I don’t feel lonely even when I work remotely because I have share mates.”

We have received many such comments, and more and more remote workers are moving in. By the way, here is a recommended workspace (living room, etc.) at TESEN Share House. We hope this will be helpful for those who have become accustomed to remote work and remote classes and would like to change their work environment.



The most popular workspace for residents is the library space in the atrium. ZEZE OSAKA also has a rooftop, so we recommend working on the rooftop for a change of pace when the weather is nice.



SEN OSAKA is popular with residents from overseas, who enjoy chatting with their share mates while working at the dining table. The counter is a great place to concentrate. Of course, there are power outlets at the counter! The film director who has appeared on TESEN’s blog several times said that the counter was his favorite place.

blog:【MOVIE】The whole share house cried. Now on YouTube!


KAE OSAKA is an adult share house with many residents who work remotely (telework), and we highly recommend the counter table, which is over 7 meters long. Working while chatting with others at the counter table may help you come up with new ideas. It is also nice to work while relaxing on the sofa. When you have an online meeting, you can use the room♪



And finally, HAYA OSAKA, where about half of the residents are remote workers, is a share house featuring four different types of shared space (living room). (Usually at the dining table. When you want to concentrate alone, go to the library space on the second floor. On days when you’re feeling unmotivated, you can relax on the sofa. When you’re stuck for ideas, you can use the open terrace! Incidentally, the dining table is the most popular workspace among residents.


How was it?


The advantage of using a spacious living room, which is not available in a rental apartment, is one of the advantages, but I think the greatest advantage of a share house is that people from various occupations move in, so you can naturally learn about different industries and broaden your ideas and perspectives for your work. I think it’s a good idea. I highly recommend share houses for remote workers.

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