Announced the concept of “ENN HYOGO” a newly built share house in Amagasaki

Hello, This is SHUHEI from TESEN staff.


Well, last week we finally announced the name of the new share house in Amagasaki that is scheduled to open next summer, 2024!

Yes, it’s “ENN HYOGO”!


The name “ENN HYOGO” was created with a lot of thought put into it. To read more about how it came to be and what we were thinking, please check out our “New Share House in Amagasaki: Name Chosen” blog.


And now that the name has been decided, we’d like to announce the concept of the Amagasaki share house! An announcement of the concept? Is it such a big event? Isn’t that a bit dramatic?


You may hear people say that, but in fact, it’s a very important step in creating a share house from the ground up. The concept will determine about 80% of what kind of people will live in the share house, and what kind of atmosphere the share house will have! I can assure you lol.


What you need to consider when coming up with a concept for a share house is what kind of person will be living in the share house when it opens. We will determine what kind of person that person is. We will decide in detail their nationality, gender, age, occupation, personality, and even hobbies. We think it through until the face of the fictitious person appears before our eyes. Once a fictional character is created, we blend it with the concept and decide on a name for the share house.


Now, before we announce the concept, which is very important for a share house in Amagasaki, I’d like to share with you the candidates for the name of the share house until we decided on “ENN HYOGO,” and how the name was chosen. Please bear with me for a moment.


First of all, there are a tremendous number of hiragana characters lined up. Then you see the number “6889” written. Do you know what this number is?

兵庫県尼崎市シェアハウスENN HYOGOコンセプト案

Yes, it is! This is the total number of combinations of two hiragana characters. It’s an amazing number, isn’t it? The Japanese language is amazing! My wrist really came off when I typed this in Excel lol.

By the way, there are two reasons why we use two characters: First, by limiting the number of characters to two, we do not have too many choices. The second reason is that names with two letters are easy to remember and familiar to everyone.


So how did we go from 6,889 words to “ENN HYOGO”? Let’s look at the following numbers.

兵庫県尼崎市シェアハウスENN HYOGOコンセプト案

The next number is “5041 words”. This number is the number obtained by removing two characters that do not constitute Japanese. For example, names beginning with “n” and names beginning with small letters such as “ゃ, ゅ, ょ. After removing these characters, the number is 5041 words. Still, 5041 words,,,a tremendous number.


There are many more to come! Let’s look at the next number.

兵庫県尼崎市シェアハウスENN HYOGOコンセプト案

Next, the number has been reduced a little to “4757 words. This number is a reduction of names that are valid as Japanese but have a slightly worse image in terms of meaning. For example, they are characters that are associated with negative meanings or names of some kind beforehand. In particular, there were many vegetable names. For example, “potato, leek, Japanese parsley, etc.” lol


Now, can we really decide on a name for a share house from here? lol  Let’s take a look at the next number.

兵庫県尼崎市シェアハウスENN HYOGOコンセプト案

It’s much less! What a surprise, we have gone down from 4757 words all the way down to 125 words. These 125 words were chosen from the 4757 words for their cute sound and good balance of letters. Surprisingly, there are only a few good two letters that make sense!


Finally, we had to choose three from the 125 words. Let’s take a look at those three.

兵庫県尼崎市シェアハウスENN HYOGOコンセプト案

The first is “RIN. I have long thought that the way people support each other in a share house and grow together resembles a tree, so I decided to use a tree as the axis of the name. I decided on “Rin” as a phonetic reading, combining the annual rings of a tree and the rings of people.

The interior of the new share house was also going to use a lot of wood, so we wanted to express the warmth of wood as well.


兵庫県尼崎市シェアハウスENN HYOGOコンセプト案

The second next one is “EN”. Yes, that’s right. This is the original idea for “ENN HYOGO. Originally, there was only one “EN” and one “N”. The official name is “ENN” with one more “N” added for the balance of the letters and from a design perspective. This EN (EN) is filled with many thoughts. For TESEN, which values connections, “EN” will continue to grow and become a “circle. ENN” will also become a space overflowing with “EN”.


兵庫県尼崎市シェアハウスENN HYOGOコンセプト案

And the third is “TOKI” (time). I thought that in a share house, besides sharing space, people also share time, and it would be a wonderful space if everyone had a different time and could travel back and forth between each other, interacting with each other as if on a journey! I wanted to shorten the word “toki” to “toki” rather than “time,” so it became TOKI.


Now that you’ve seen the finalists for the three share house names, what do you think? Which one did you like best? Please let us know your opinions in the comments section at the bottom of the blog.


And the concept of ENN HYOGO is as follows. The title is “Drawing an Edge. As the concept says, the building is going to be so wonderful that it is a little too good to call it a share house. We will post more construction updates on our blog.
兵庫県尼崎市シェアハウスENN HYOGOコンセプト案
兵庫県尼崎市シェアハウスENN HYOGO
– Painting the circle –


Vibrant lights are transmitted through the large windows.


A circular aerial staircase and courtyard,


and the sunlight filtering through the trees into the living room


tickle your senses.


Stories to tell with people you should meet,


with values and possibilities yet to be discovered,


Gently move on to the next page.


With friends who can say they like what they like.


It would be a waste to call it a share house.


In the next blog, we will finally unveil the plans for the new share house. Please look forward to it.

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