Share House Floor Plans for a fun♪A living space where the lines of flow between people intersect


Have you ever seen a floor plan of a share house? You’ve probably seen floor plans for houses for sale or rent before. But what about floor plans of share houses? The living room is huge! I want a balcony! And so on. I’d like to have a balcony! Why don’t you join me, the TESEN share house staff, and have a look at the floor plan of a share house? This time, let’s take a look at HAYA OSAKA, a share house just a 10 minute bike ride from Tennoji.


Now, what kind of floor plan do we have? Yeah. First of all, the entrance is located on the first floor, on the far right. After entering the entrance, you’ll find your room on the right. It’s probably more spacious than the other rooms! And to the left is the kitchen. Looking at the floor plan, there are two sinks facing each other. And in the center, there’s a kitchen island. There’s also a kitchen door next to the kitchen. It’s pretty convenient since you can go throw out the trash right away. Maybe it’s a big kitchen like in other countries! I love it!


We’re now on the second floor. It’s labeled “COLONNADE” next to the stairs. If you look closely, you’ll see that it’s similar in shape to the living room space on the first floor. And then there’s a “X” mark on the inverted line. Hm? Does that mean there’s no room here? No room means only space? Yes, this must be the atrium space that connects the first and second floors! How extravagant! And it’s so difficult to show the atrium space on a floor plan, lol. And in front of the atrium space, there’s a library space. I guess it’s a place to relax and read books. And there’s also a restroom on the far left! Looks like we don’t need to go down to the first floor.


There are no stairs leading to the 3rd floor from the floor plan, so this share house must be a 2 story building. 1F has the kitchen, dining room, living room, water, and other common areas that everyone can freely use. And on the second floor, you’ll find most of the individual rooms. Now then, how was it? Looking at the floor plan alone, it’s like looking at the floor plan of a mansion! This is exactly what you’d expect from a share house, where multiple people share a mansion home.


As is the case with HAYA OSAKA, TESEN’s share houses have been designed with a great deal of emphasis on the “flow line” of how people move around the house. The living room and dining room are located in the center of the house so that people can always meet each other. When you go from the entrance to your room, you always pass through the living room and dining room. We believe that the communication and conversations that occur there will enrich the residents’ lives in the future. The living room and dining room will continue to be a place where you can come into contact with various people and unfamiliar worlds, sometimes receiving stimulation, sometimes empathy, and sometimes creating friction.

I like to look at floor plans of houses, and I often forget to look at them, but when I first saw the floor plan of HAYA OSAKA, I was quite excited.

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