Hello Share house. Vol.07


A share house management staff writes about their experiences living in a share house. “Hello, share house.

Hello! This is TAKA, a TESEN staff member.

It was about 10 years ago when I first encountered a share house. It was about 10 years ago when I was on a working holiday in Australia.
This time, I’ll be talking about moving into a share house.


“Some of you may be reminiscing about your own experiences, saying, “Oh, I know, I’ve been there.
”There are also those who are referring to moving into a share house for the first time, saying, “Wow, I didn’t know there was such a thing.


Hello Share house.Vol.06

Takuya:TAKUYA’s share house experience



Finally, the day of moving into the share house.

Up until last night, I’d already met my share mates at the preview, and I thought I could handle the preparations after I moved in, but on the morning of moving in, I was so nervous.


I’m so nervous about my first share house…


Is it really okay to have so few things to bring?
What should I say to the people I haven’t met at the preview? How much do I need to introduce myself?




Perhaps sensing my anxiety, my host family gave me a ride to my new address.
On the way, they taught me English that I would use in my daily life, and we exchanged contact information.

After saying goodbye to our host family, we had a little time before our meeting.
I had lunch and met the owner at the entrance.
As I rode the elevator with the owner, I felt even more anxious and nervous.

When I got to the entrance and asked the owner to unlock the door…


“Here he comes! “We’ve got beer, let’s drink it!”


There were the Finns and Indonesians I had met at the preview!
The owner had told them what time to come and they were waiting for us!
They’re so nice, both of them!

After handing over the keys and being briefed on the house rules, we began our stay in the share house.
On the first day, I had carefully planned to unpack, buy groceries, prepare, and greet my share mates.


However, as a Japanese, I couldn’t keep them waiting.


I put my backpack on the bed and immediately started drinking with the Finnish and Indonesian people who were waiting for me.

As we were drinking, the other share mates came out of their rooms and we immediately greeted them and toasted.
I didn’t have to be nervous because I had some alcohol in my system.
*I can speak English best when I’m drinking. ← A typical work-holiday situation.

I was very nervous before I met my share mates, but as expected, all the residents of the share house were very friendly.

And since it was the weekend, the drinking party continued into the night and the first day of share house life was over.

If you want to do all your unpacking and shopping on the day you move in, we recommend you move in in the morning!

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