Building a share house like never before! -Amagasaki Share House Construction Begins-

About two years after its conception.
Construction of a new share house in Amagasaki has begun. All parties involved have begun to work toward the same goal: to create a share house unlike any other in Amagasaki. and all parties involved have begun to work toward the same goal.
Foundation work has also begun at the site. Foundation work is a very important part of the building process. The building will be piled on top of the foundation, so if the foundation shifts, it will have a major impact on the building. First, the excavator will be used to demarcate the empty ground where each room and living room will be located.

Once the classification is finished, the reinforcing steel is assembled. The reinforcing steel bars were beautifully assembled at the same intervals. It is truly an art form to make a curve or a slight slant to match the shape of the building. When the reinforcing steel bars are assembled, concrete is poured.


This is what it looks like when the concrete is poured. The concrete has been poured beautifully and horizontally. The foundation is surrounded by a wooden partition to prevent the concrete from flowing out.


Then concrete is poured again for the final touches, resulting in a beautiful foundation as shown in the photo below. Once the foundation is completed, the location of each room and other details will be known. Once the foundation is complete, plumbing for the flow of water from the toilets, showers, washrooms, etc. will also be installed.


Once the foundation is built, scaffolding is erected around the foundation and various types of lumber are brought in to build the building on top of it.



Now, in the next issue, the building will finally grow upwards and upwards! Enjoy!

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