Looking for people who would like to go with us to experience bread baking【Photo of the month】


The information bulletin boards that are always available in TESEN share houses are a great opportunity for residents to communicate with each other, whether they are organizing events or writing notices to everyone about trips, returning home, or returning to their home countries.


This picture shows the bulletin board at HAYA OSAKA. Is it the portrait illustration of a member that catches your eye first? It was drawn by a resident who works in design! You can tell that everyone gets along well with each other and the atmosphere is good.


On the right side, there are many lists of things to do. Baking experience, omelette rice contest, sporcha, flea market, and so on… They often have so many things planned that they have to carry them over to the next month. LOL!

Actually, the information board is also a tool for visitors to get a feel for the share house, so it helps me during the tour! LOL!

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