【The foundation has been laid and the wood will be assembled】Amagasaki New Share House Construction News


Well, in my last blog, the foundation of the newly built Amagasaki share house ENN HYOGO was completed! This time, “wood” is being piled on top of the completed foundation. In order to stack the “wood” on top, scaffolding is being built around the foundation so that the craftsmen can climb up. The crane is also quite powerful.

The wood is assembled neatly and evenly according to the blueprints. The wood is delivered to the construction site with the joints machined so that the wood will snap into place. Craftsmen then fit the wood together.

Trees are brought in by truck like this. An amazing number of trees! I may be offended if I say this, but it’s like playing a big jigsaw puzzle (laughs). The name of the newly built share house in Amagasaki, “ENN HYOGO,” is also clearly marked.

Once the first floor is finished, the second floor is also put together in one fell swoop. It looks like the Parthenon! I wonder how buildings are built like this.

They are piling up, and piling up, and piling up. Anyway, the woods are cool!

Amagasaki Share House ENN HYOGO is built right next to Amagasaki Castle. Here is a view of ENN HYOGO from inside Amagasaki Castle. It was dusk and the sky was turning a little orange, which gave me a nostalgic feeling.
Now, the next blog will be about the ridgepole-raising ceremony. Do you know what a Jotoshiki (ridgepole raising ceremony) is? It’s not a superlative or a Jotoshiki. If you buy a home someday, you may know about it. Enjoy!

Well. It’s like sauna house are also built of wood stacked on top of each other (lol)! Wooden architecture is the best!

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