Hello Share house. Vol.02


It was about 10 years ago when I first encountered a share house. It was when I was on a working holiday in Australia.

Today, we’re going to talk about the second half of my story, from the time I arrived in Australia until I became interested in share houses.


Some people reminisced about their own experiences, saying, “Oh, I know, I’ve been there.
The second half of the story was about how I became interested in share houses.

When you’re boiling water in the kettle, or downloading an app on your smartphone.
If you have a minute or so to read this, please do so.


Hello Share house. Vol.01
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One night while I was enjoying my time in Australia, I was enjoying the company of my homestay host family when I made a startling discovery…

Hello シェアハウス。Vol. 02|TESEN

One week left until my homestay is over.

Hello シェアハウス。Vol. 02|TESEN

The next day. As soon as I arrived at the language school, I started asking my classmates, “Where do you live? I started asking questions to my classmates.
The answers that came out were usually these three.


  1. Home stay

  2. Backpackers hotel

  3. Flat share

Homestay was rejected because it would be too expensive and I would have to commute by bus to the suburbs.
I thought a backpacker hotel would be nice, but decided against it because I wasn’t here on vacation.
Flatshare? What’s that? When I asked my classmates, a Spanish and a Thai, what that was, they told me that it was like a shared house where you live with other people. You can interact with people from different countries, and it’s the least expensive of the three!

It’s so cool. It looks like it’s going to be fun.

But how do I find it? I said, “I’m going to call the owner now! When can we visit? They replied, “I’ll call the owner now!

Friends are precious.

Thanks a lot!

Hello シェアハウス。Vol. 02|TESEN

The next day, I decided to visit at noon, and that evening, I was having a good time with my host’s family.
The host’s family: “Have you decided where you’re going to live? We’ll charge you for it, but would you like to live with us for another month? with a quote “*I don’t mind that businesslike feeling.
Me: “I think I’ll live in a share house! I’ll take a look tomorrow!

To be continued.

Next time, we’ll have a look inside the share house!

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