Hello Share house. Vol.04


It was about 10 years ago when I first encountered a share house. When I was on a working holiday in Australia.
Following the previous article, we’ll continue with a look inside a share house.


There are those who reminisce about their own experiences and say, “Oh, I know, I’ve been there.
There are also those who say, “Wow, I didn’t know there was such a thing,” and use it as a reference when moving into their first share house.


If you have a minute or so to spare while boiling water in the kettle or downloading an app on your smartphone, please take a look.


Hello Share house. Vol.03

Takuya:TAKUYA’s share house experience



We were going to visit a share house, but what we ended up with was a tower mansion! Can we really live in a share house…?

Hello シェアハウス。Vol. 04|TESEN

While I was freaking out at the entrance with the reception staff, Antonio unlocked the door and proceeded to the elevator.
Even in the elevator, I couldn’t grasp the situation. When I got off the elevator, I found myself in a hallway with a carpet that looked like a luxury hotel.
I walk down the hallway for a bit.
Antonio said, “Here! Here!
Antonio opens the front door…

Hello シェアハウス。Vol. 04|TESEN

Oooooh! Looks like a lot of people live here! A sense of life. *Pictures are for reference only.
After taking a look around the living room, we were shown to our room.
The room looks like a guest house dormitory room with a closet.



While we were looking at the bathroom, the owner appeared.
Using Google Translate, I started asking the owner questions.
・How much is the rent?

・What is the payment method?
・What are the initial costs?
・How do I sign the contract?
・When do I have to tell them I’m moving out?
・What kind of people live there? ←Important!


The big difference from Japan is that rent is paid every two weeks. *In Australia, my salary was also paid every two weeks.
Also, when it came to share houses in the city center, the standard was to share a flat in a tower building with bunk beds spread out all over the room. In some cases, 10 people would share a single bathroom and shower.


The owner was really nice and gave me a lot of advice on finding a place to live when I told him it was my first time in a share house.
His advice went something like this.
・Each share house has its own set of house rules, so be sure to check them out! *Especially the cleaning rules.
・Pay attention to how many weeks notice you have to give before you move out!
・Share house fun is determined by your share mates!
・The last thing you want is first inspiration!


The owner was a nice guy, and the rent was reasonable, so I was going to make a decision right away, but when I toured the place, none of the tenants were here, so I didn’t know what the atmosphere would be like, so I held off! *When I asked the owner, the tenants were mostly Westerners.



The other share house we were planning to visit seemed to be full, so we had time to visit Antonio’s share house before our afternoon tour with Spanner.
When I entered the living room, there were several tenants and we decided to have lunch together!


This is it! I want to do this!

To be continued.


The top five English words I used most often in my property search!

  • Inspection(見学)
  • Bond/Deposit(保証金)
  • Rent Fee(家賃)
  • Minimum Stay(最低入居期間)
  • Furnished(家具付き)


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