Staff TAKUYA’s share house experience Vol.3


I finally decided on a new home.

It took a lot of work, but I was able to find a new home on my own, which gave me a little confidence.


Finally, the day of moving in.

My host family drove me to my new home.

They were so sweet!

I was sad to say goodbye to their cute children.


I’m on the left! I’m often mistaken for a foreigner, so I’ll tell you just in case! LOL!


I hadn’t gotten a key yet, so I contacted the Korean owner and asked him to open the gate.

When I opened the door to my room, I strongly felt that I was going to live here.

I was both excited and anxious, but I think I was more excited than anxious.


I greeted my share mates and started my new life.

The members were a Korean, a Swede, and a Turkmenistan!

Turkm… menistan!

It was the first time I heard the name of the country, so it left a deep impression on me!

I will never forget it!


Playing card game



Japanese and Korean food Party



Life at the share house was so much fun!

We went shopping together, cooked together, played card games, and watched movies together.

I was also really looking forward to visiting the new tenants to see what kind of people would be a new share mate!

Of course, there was no limit to how long we could use the showers. LOL!

Coming home and having someone say, “Welcome home! It’s like being at home with your parents.

I think I had a lot of anxiety before I moved in, but now I don’t remember what that anxiety was! lol

I think that’s how much fun I had!


I’ve lived in many different share houses in my two years in Australia since then!

I’ll introduce some of the things that happened there in the Extra Edition!

Please look forward to it!

It’s easy to get anxious when you’re going through something new or a change!

But when I think back on it later, I often feel that it was all part of a good memory! Please don’t be afraid to try new things!

Our staff will do the best to support you as you move in the share house!

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