【TESEN-NOVEL Vol.4】His third year and the misunderstanding of cool and crazy.


This is Shuhei, the management staff of Osaka Share House.

I work in a share house, and I’m writing a series of novels at my leisure.


“What kind of place is a share house? “What kind of life can I expect?

I’m writing this novel for those who are wondering.


It’s a fictionalized version of non-fiction.

Would you like to take a look at life in a share house with me?


I hope that the wonderful things that happen in a share house will reach as many people as possible.

I hope to bring a rich life to as many people as possible.


Winter ended the day everyone’s face and name matched.




What’s your nickname?


What do your friends call you?


At first, I was being asked by everyone, but now I am asking my new friends.


I’ve gotten used to the unknown that is a share house.

Living under the same roof with someone who was a stranger until yesterday.


Is this really so crazy?

Yes, it is. Crazy.


If you were to translate “crazy” into Japanese, it would be “madness”!

Apparently, that word was a disappointment when translated into Japanese.


I wanted to be a crazy woman. But that’s a story for another time.


The members have changed a bit.


Some move out after a month or so, some live here for three years.


“Three years… “Three years… I wonder if I’m getting too comfortable here.

“I’ve been here longer than the new staff that just joined.


I wonder if I’m too comfortable here.


But he seems to have made so many friends. I’m somewhat envious.


He is in his third year and has a cool vibe.


If I were to translate “cool” into Japanese, it would be “moderately cold and distant.

This was also a disappointing translation.



He’s been with us for three years, is reliable, and has cute double teeth that he sometimes shows.

I don’t know what he does for a living, even though I live with him.


At irregular intervals, he buys cakes for all of his share mates that he doesn’t necessarily buy for me.


When I eat it, thinking that she is buying it for me, it tastes incredibly delicious.





This is the fourth episode.

Is it my imagination or is there a sweet and sour smell in the air?

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