【TESEN-NOVEL Vol.6】Waxing and waning of the moon


This is SHU, the management staff of Osaka Share House.


I work in a share house, and I’m writing a series of novels at my leisure.


“What kind of place is a share house? “What kind of life can I expect?


I’m writing this novel for those who are wondering.


It’s a fictionalized version of non-fiction.


Would you like to take a look at life in a share house with me?


I hope that the wonderful things that happen in a share house will reach as many people as possible.


I hope to bring a rich life to as many people as possible.




My Monday begins again today.


It’s not far from the share house to my office.


The usual streets are colored with cherry blossoms.


I heard that the Japanese have cherry blossoms in their hearts or not.


I went to work today thinking that I’d like to take some time to enjoy the cherry blossoms.


Such a Monday.


It’s going to be a good day because I could see cherry blossoms.


The train to work is filled with the Monday blues.


The first day of the week.


Hmmm… I wonder why there are seven days in a week.



I know that a year is 365 days, which is proportional to the earth’s revolution around the sun.

But why is it that a week is seven days long?


Let’s find out.


・The ancient Egyptians had a 10-day week?

・In ancient Rome, it was an eight-day cycle.

・In Russia, there was a time when the cycle was five days…


Hmm? Why was 7 days adopted as a week?


It seems to have something to do with the phases of the moon.


It seems that the moon changes its shape every seven days, from new moon to waxing moon, from waxing moon to full moon, and so on!


Suddenly romantic old timer!


I can’t believe they were able to tell the week by the shape of the moon.


And it takes 29.5 days to return to the original shape of the new moon.


That’s one month.


I see!


Monday is the day when the phases of the moon begin to wax and wane.


Maybe that’s why it’s Monday.


I can’t wait to share this with someone.


I want to go back to the share house and share.


I want to go back to the share house!

The too-long Monday is over.


I can finally go home to my share house.


The first day of spring has passed, and the days are long.


I have the luxury of watching the sunset as I go home.


I open the door to the share house.


A natural “I’m home” is followed by a pleasant “welcome home”.


A week is actually seven days, and I want to share it with you.


Looking around the living room.


The guy who’s been living in the share house the longest, the guy I’m interested in, is sinking into the sofa.


Quickly, I ask him.


“Do you know why a week is seven days?


He replies curtly, “Yes, I know. Yes, I do. ”


The conversation was over.


I don’t know how to expand the story.


I don’t assume the version that knows the reason for the seven days.


How do you know that?


You don’t usually know. And.


I don’t have anything special to do in the living room, so I head to my room.


Then he said to me.


“You can see the full moon beautifully today.


“Yes. I know! I answered strongly.


I didn’t know that.


How do you know it’s a full moon today?


I was frustrated but also a little happy.






How were the cherry blossoms this year?

By the way, the cherry blossoms at Mitsuwaya this year looked like this.

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