Good-bye shared house! By the way, how can I move out?


Hello! We are TESEN, managing 4 newly built share houses in Osaka.


The weather is gradually getting warmer, and it’s spring, the season of encounters and partings! Some of you may be starting a new job, transferring from a place you’re used to working at, or finally starting your new life as a working adult after graduating from college. So this time, we’d like to explain the procedure for moving out of a share house in preparation for your new life, but don’t know what to do! We’ll be explaining the move out procedure for those who are thinking about moving out of their share house!


It can be a bit of a hassle to tell the management company that you’re moving out… If you’re in this kind of situation, please read this article in advance to help you with the procedure…


Let’s start our new life in a share house! If you’re ready to start your new life in a share house, please take a look at this blog post.
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So let’s go!


First, introduce the move-out process.

  1. Inform the management company or owner that you are moving out
  2. Moving Preparation
  3. Payment of cleaning cost
  4. Cleaning and tidying of room
  5. Farewell party
  6. move-out presence


|Inform the management company or owner that you are moving out

First, tell the management company/owner that you are moving out. Then, when is the right time to tell them? In most cases, the timing is written in the contract. Check to see if there is a sentence such as, “Otu shall give the First Party at least Fatima (◯) months before…”. Also, if you did not sign a contract when you moved in, it is recommended that you record your communication with the management company in writing or by e-mail, rather than by phone. If you run into trouble at the last minute, it will ruin any good memories you have of living in a share house.


Make sure to ask when you sign the contract when you’re supposed to tell them when you’re moving out!


|Moving Preparation

The move-out date has been set and the management company/owner has been informed that we will be moving out. The next step is to prepare for the move. Pack your out-of-season clothes and unused knick-knacks into cardboard boxes and suitcases as soon as possible! And one thing that is often overlooked is…


oversize garbage


It may take 1~2 weeks to arrange, so if you have furniture or other items that you do not want to bring to your new home, make arrangements as soon as possible.


I don’t know which ones are oversize garbage. If you are not sure, you can check the website of the city or ward where you currently live.


|Payment of cleaning cost

Next is the payment of cleaning fees. In many cases, this is included in the initial cost, and in other cases, it is paid after you have decided to move out. The market price for the cleaning fee is about 10,000~30,000.


TESEN share houses do not charge cleaning fees, so I’ll let Dr. Google explain.

What are cleaning costs?


In rental properties, the cost of cleaning services by a professional company is referred to as a cleaning fee. Some properties may be labeled “restoration costs” or “cleaning costs,” but they all refer to the same thing. In a rental property that is not your property, the rooms are cleaned to a level that the next tenant can move in comfortably.


Be sure to confirm cleaning costs before moving in.


|Cleaning and tidying of room

Unnecessary items discarded OR stuffed into cardboard boxes! The next step is to clean up your room.

I have to pay a cleaning fee and I have to clean the apartment? Many people may think so, but tenants are obligated to “restore the property to its original condition.

Simply put, restoration means “to return the property to its original condition. In other words, you must return the apartment to the condition it was in immediately after you moved in and move out. However, in principle, the owner (landlord), not the tenant (lessee), bears the responsibility for dirt and scratches that occur during normal living (i.e., deterioration over time). The guidelines issued by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism also explain that there is no need to restore the property to its original condition even if it deteriorates after normal living.


If you find any damage during the cleaning process, please inform the management company or owner before you move out and have them check it out so that the procedure will go smoothly on the day you move out.





|Farewell party

It is time to say goodbye to the share house and your share mates. On the day you move out, the management company and owner will be there to check your room and return your key, so be sure to let them know in advance when you will be leaving. After checking to make sure you haven’t forgotten anything, say goodbye to your share mates…Good-bye share house! Enjoy your life in a new city ^ ^


After you move out, you should also change your postal and online shopping addresses such as Amaz◯n, Raku◯en, Z◯ZOTOWN, etc.! There are times when you receive a package in the share house even though you’ve moved out…it’s a common occurrence in share houses.



How was it? We hope this has been of some help to you.
By the way, if you’ve moved but would like to return to the share house you’ve been living in… don’t hesitate to contact the management company or owner! I’m sure they’ll welcome you with a smile~ From the management company’s point of view, we’re very happy to hear that you’d like to come back to the share house again ^ ^

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