You will love cooking more! Kitchen conditions in a share house


Hello. I am TAKA, a TESEN staff member who prefers to eat rather than cook.

I’m moving from a studio to a share house because I want to cook more seriously! Recently, we have been hearing more and more voices like that.It seems that more and more people are cooking as they have more time at home due to the Corona disaster.So this time we’d like to introduce one of the charms of a share house, the kitchen.

Do we have to eat dinner together? Are the appliances included? Are there any rules on the hours of use?”

We’ll answer all your questions about the kitchens in share houses! In fact, share houses are highly recommended for those who love to cook.So let’s get going!


  • You will love cooking more!? Advantages of Cooking in a Share House
  • What’s mine is yours! The kitchen situation in a share house
  • The counter kitchen of your dreams is yours! Kitchens in TESEN share houses
  • Summary

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|Advantages of Cooking in a Share House

Advantages are…

  • Share mates teach you how to cook
  • Food can be shared
  • You can save money by sharing seasonings
  • A chance to interact with share mates
  • Get feedback on your prototypes (for chefs and pastry chefs!)


I think these are the five major advantages. I think.

When I lived in a share house, I actually cooked for myself, and my share mates, who are good cooks, helped me when I was cooking and taught me how to season dishes and recipes, which helped me become a better cook (compared to our company). I was able to exchange dishes with my share mates who came to share a meal with me, we would buy seasonings together to save money, and I was able to interact with my share mates through cooking, so I never felt lonely making and eating by myself like when I lived alone.


If you are a drinker like me, you may have noticed this. The greatest attraction of a share house…
There are share mates. I mean…
At dinner time, someone is in the living room. That means…
There’s always someone to drink with!!!!
*This is my personal opinion.


If you have a chef or pastry chef resident living in the house, an impromptu tasting party may be held… ♪


|Kitchen conditions in a share house

Here is an overview of the kitchen situation, including equipment and rules.



Every share house is equipped with common kitchen appliances (microwave, refrigerator, rice cooker, kettle), so it is basic that everyone shares the use of these appliances.


TESEN’s share house also has takoyaki plates and earthenware pots for takopa and nabe-pa… ♪


Many share houses have storage boxes or shelves near the kitchen where you can place your personal condiments and other items, eliminating the hassle of carrying them from your room every time you cook. Whether or not cooking utensils, tableware, chopsticks, glasses, etc. are provided varies from share house to share house, so be sure to check with the management company when you visit the share house.


All TESEN share houses also have storage cabinets in the kitchen for storing condiments and other items.



While there are generally no rules regarding hours of use, it is important to be considerate of your share mates when cooking late at night, especially when making noise.
When you have finished eating, wash your utensils and plates immediately and return them to their original locations so that your next share mates can use them without stress.


Every management company is careful to keep the share house clean! As the saying goes, “A messy room is a messy mind,” and trouble is more likely to occur if the share house is dirty, so it is important for everyone to cooperate.


|Kitchens in TESEN share houses

We at TESEN are particular about our kitchens, too! We have kitchens that match the concept of each share house, such as kitchens where you can cook while looking out over the terrace (garden), counter kitchens where you can cook while chatting, and custom-made kitchens that are particular about materials and sizes, etc. Please see the following blog for more details.
Blog:The kitchen of TESEN share houses



How was it? The kitchen in a share house is larger and more stylish than the kitchen in a studio. People often get together and enjoy cooking together, which makes the cooking time more enjoyable. So many people who have never cooked for themselves before have started cooking for themselves after moving into a share house. Of course, there are those who love to cook, but if you’ve never cooked much before, why not make cooking your hobby by living in a share house?

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