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Hello. This is Taka, a TESEN staff member who manages a share house in Osaka.
We’ve already introduced the kitchen at HAYA OSAKA in a previous blog, but we haven’t introduced the kitchens at our other share houses yet, so we thought we’d put them all together for you this time!

The kitchen is one of the most attractive features of a share house, and the kitchens at TESEN share houses are carefully designed with layout and materials to match the concept of each share house. So let’s go!



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First of all, SEN OSAKA has dormitory rooms that can accommodate up to 32 people.

SEN OSAKA’s kitchen features a counter kitchen! Located overlooking the living room, you can cook while chatting with your share mates sitting at the counter.

KITCHEN & COUNTER / キッチン&キッチンカウンター|TESENのシェアハウス SEN OSAKA

As a large share house, it is also equipped with a mini kitchen. You can also use this room when it is crowded.

The green tiles are popular with residents.

Behind the counter kitchen, there’s a storage cabinet for condiments, etc., and a fridge so you don’t have to store them in your room!



ZEZE OSAKA features a white tile kitchen.

This is a small share house with a maximum of 8 residents, so there is only one kitchen.

KITCHEN & COUNTER / キッチン&キッチンカウンター|TESENのシェアハウス ZEZE OSAKA

The kitchen is custom-made, so we were particular about the height of the tops and the size of the drawers so that the residents could use it comfortably.

Behind the kitchen is a counter and storage shelves, and the counter is a popular spot among residents.




KAE OSAKA, an adult share house that can house up to 33 people and accommodate tenants from the age of 25.

The main feature of the KAE OSAKA kitchen is the 7-meter-long counter dining room. It can be used for parties with everyone or as a teleworking desk since there are power outlets under the counter.

Two large white kitchens are installed side by side. The sink is also large, making it popular with residents who like to cook.

As in SEN OSAKA and ZEZE OSAKA, there are personal storage cabinets and kitchen appliances behind the kitchen. There are 4 refrigerators, and since this is a share house for those over 25 years old, it may or may not be stocked full of alcohol!



And finally, HAYA OSAKA, the youngest of the TESEN share houses that opened this September 2020 (as of October 2020).

<新築シェアハウス第4弾 HAYA OSAKA建築速報>スピンオフ企画キッチン編|TESEN

The most attractive feature of the HAYA OSAKA kitchen is the small window that allows you to view the greenery of the terrace while cooking. It is too luxurious to be able to cook while looking at the greenery in the morning. I wish I could live here…

As the youngest of four newly constructed buildings, the design was based on our past expertise.

For more information, please see this blog.

Blog:【Spin-off project】Kitchen ver.<The 4th New share house construction bulletin>



How was it? Each share house is so particular that it’s impossible to convey in a blog, so if you think you might like a share house, just give it a try! If you think so, please come and visit us and see for yourself ^ ^

We are looking forward to seeing you soon!

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