New TESEN staff’s share house report【SEN OSAKA ver.】


The first time I met SEN OSAKA was about a year ago when I came to Osaka.
I feel like it’s long long time ago! Since then I have met a lot of people!
SEN OSAKA is the first share house in TESEN! Everything started from here!
This is how I(staff Takuya)see SEN OSAKA!


1. Friendly


Huh? I thought you said it was a pleasure to meet you. Everyone is so friendly that you’d think.

We get along easily! Sometimes the staff Takuya gets too excited talking to the tenants to get any work done. haha


2. International exchange


We have tenants from all over the world! Many different languages are spoken in the living room.

They teach you English and you teach them Japanese! Feel like a teacher!


3. Love to eat together

It is started with the first, “I want to eat ~! Then we all go to the nearby shopping street to buy something together. That’s a great meal always we all make together!


4. Lots of events

Welcome parties, farewell parties, trips, Christmas, New Year’s Eve! And countless others! haha

Everything is planned by the tenants!


5. Hard to remember names


There are so many people that it’s really hard to remember their names. haha

One letter difference is hell. haha


SEN OSAKA is large share house with an international atmosphere.

With people of different nationalities, ages, and genders.

You can learn about the unknown world through communication.

Please discover something new.


If you want to see if it’s right for you, click here!

If you want to communicate with foreigners, you’re welcome! Everyone’s friendly and you’ll get to know each other easily!

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