[Staff Diary] Sharing the Osechi


Hello. I’m SHU, a staff member.

I went to clean the share house ZEZE for the first time in 2021.

I saw a girl making Osechi.

When I asked her to show me, she said it was quite authentic.

And there are so many kinds!

From herring roe, to konmaki, to chestnut kinto, there were all kinds of colorful Osechi on the counter.

As I was holding the vacuum cleaner, I was looking at them with streaming eyes.

I was allowed to try a sample!

Thank you very much.

The older I get, the less chance I have to eat homemade Osechi.

It was really delicious!

By the way, do you know the meaning of all the ingredients in Osechi?


・Herring roe May you be blessed with many children.

・Chestnut Kinto-kun is written, “Kin-dan” in Chinese characters. It is compared to gold and brings good luck. May you become rich.

・Konmaki Since kelp can also be written as “yorokobu”, may you live a long life.

・Black soybean May you work hard and diligently to the point of getting a black sunburn.

・Fu no fukume-ni May your family get along well since all the ingredients are cooked in the same pot.

・Zoni Because it contains rice cakes and vegetables, it is said, “May your name (vegetable) be raised (rice cake). May your name be               well known.


By the way, I had a few squirrels, chestnut kintoons, and komaki.

This year, I will be blessed with many children, good luck with money, and a long life, so it will be a very greedy year.

Thank you all for your support this year.


By the way, the girlfriend who was making the Osechi is Taiwanese.

Is there a culture of Osechi in Taiwan?

I must learn from them!

I’ll make homemade Osechi next year! I’ll close with my resolution to make homemade Osechi next year!

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