Staff TAKUYA’s share house experience Vol.6


The day of the viewing. I met up with the staff of the share house at the nearest station. This was very helpful for me as I didn’t know the area very well. After a 5-minute walk, we arrived at the share house. The building stands out in the residential area.


When I opened the large front door, the smell of wood came through, and I got excited all by myself! When I entered the living room, the stylish counter kitchen, sofa, and dining table spread out in front of me, and my first impression was that a One room was no longer an option.


There was a foreign tenant sitting on the sofa playing  the guitar, which was a nice touch. The staff introduced me and we had a little chat! The German guy told me, “It’s a great place, come in! I’m leaving next week! ” This loose feeling is one of the great things about share houses!


After that, staff showed me the shower, washroom, and room. There was nothing to complain about. On the contrary, it was more stylish and clean than I had expected. The facilities were so good that I signed up on the spot! This is a very rare thing for me, as I am very indecisive.


To be continued

After all, first impressions are very important when making a choice! I still remember how surprised I was that share houses in Japan were so stylish! I wondered what I was living in overseas. haha

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