What need in a share house?


Hello, this is Taka, a staff member of TESEN share house.


A must-see for those planning to move into a share house for the first time!


I’ve compiled a list of what you need and don’t need in a share house, as well as what you need in terms of TESEN, based on my experience in share houses!In case you missed it, here’s my account of living in a share house. This is an extra edition of “Hello, Share House. This is an extra chapter of the…


In this issue of “What need in a share house?” let’s get right to it!


10 Things Need in a Share House


・hand and bath towels
・bath Set
・laundry set (detergent, fabric softener, washcloths, hangers)
・hair dryer


|1. clothing

It is recommended to take a suitcase with you so that you can later put your out-of-season clothes in the suitcase, which can also be used for storage. Some tenants even move in with just one suitcase.


|2. hand and bath towels

I suggest you bring a few extra bath towels! They work great as towelettes in the summer!


|3. bath Setト

If you’re a resident of a share house and like public baths, you can use 100-yen or Muji baskets to store your items so they don’t get messy, and they’re convenient to carry around when you go to the bathhouse with your share mates.

|4. toothbrush

A cup for rinsing your mouth is also a good idea. Put your toothbrush in the cup and store it with the bath set.


|5. bedding

You can bring the bedding you use at your current residence, but it’s bulky and cumbersome to carry… If that’s the case, please consult with the management company! There are also management companies that offer bedding rentals.

|6. laundry set

Laundry scissors are very useful! They can be used for drying clothes, stopping food bags, and interior decoration. Detergent and fabric softener is a chance to find your favorite things that you couldn’t do living at home!


|7. hair dryer

Some share houses have them, so check with the management company.


|8. seasoning

First of all, bring the bare minimum with you! If you only use spices once in a while, I suggest you share them with your share mates!


|9. cutlery

Most share houses have cooking utensils and appliances, but cutlery varies from share house to share house. Take your favorite chopsticks, fork, and spoon with you ^^

|10. slippers

And slippers are a necessity! Some of the residents wear stylish things like room shoes or sandals. Since you’ll be living together, I recommend something that won’t make too much noise when you walk!
What did you think? Moving is a chance to declutter.


Share houses come fully furnished and equipped with appliances, so we recommend that you start out with only the bare necessities you like and add more once you’ve moved in!


If you can move with only one suitcase, you’re a minimalist!

【Extra Edition】Things that would be useful to have in a share house abroad.

  • Padlock
  • Sleeping bags
  • Drying rope
  • Tumbler
  • Retort miso soup
  • Ziploc
  • Extension cord
  • Conversion plug
  • Rice cooker (purchased locally)
  • S-shaped hooks


Let us know what your share house essentials are too!

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